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Sarah McCarthy is an independent filmmaker who is working to raise awareness of the 300 Russian children currently being held hostage by President Putin's adoption ban. Her latest film, The Dark Matter of Love, follows three of the last Russian children who were allowed to complete their adoptions to families in the US. The Dark Matter of Love focuses on the importance of parental love to a child's development, and now serves as a 90 minute demonstration of what these 300 children in Russia are being denied by the ban. Sarah recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funding so that she can tour the film in Russia and the US. The primary goal of the campaign is to use the film to raise awareness about the political situation, and put pressure on the policy and decision makers to do whatever necessary to ensure that these children are allowed to complete their adoptions. 

Money raised from this campaign will be used to pay for experienced campaign strategists to engage the Obama administration and get the pipelines cases on Obama's agenda during his meetings with Putin, to pay for travel and accommodation on our Russian and US tours, to upgrade their website so they can stream their Q&A's to as wide an audience as possible, to create subtitled versions of the film is as many languages as possible to maximize the international pressure on the US & Russian governments, to pay the travel expenses of high profile panelists to speak on panels during the screening tour, to create and ship the screening materials, tapes, DCP's, Blu Ray's DVD's etc for the tour, to pay for advertising in newspapers, magazines, on Facebook, on Twitter and elsewhere online, to pay for a marketing and publicity team to help properly advertise the film, and to pay for an experienced distribution team to make sure that The Dark Matter of Love is available through all possible outlets, from theaters to Netflix.

The campaign has already received press interest on The Huffington Post, The Moscow Times, and Christian Post. You can read about the campaign and watch the project video here: To find out more information, check out any of the links below: 


And don't worry, if you can't afford to donate to the Kickstarter campaign, you can help in other ways, such as using your social media influence, tweeting, posting on Facebook, blogging, sharing with friends, etc. You can use the below as examples.  

Suggested Tweet: Do something good today and help #freethe300! Join the fight to bring children stuck in #Putin's #adoptionban home:

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The Dark Matter of Love tells the story of three of the last Russian children able to be adopted into an American family. When Russian President Vladimir Putin banned adoption into US families the film became a 90 minute demonstration of what children stuck in the ban are being denied - the love of a family. Please watch the campaign video, pledge if you can and spread the word:

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