EarPlanes Review

EarPlanes are the #1 earplugs recommended for air travelers because they provide protection from ear pain and discomfort, including clogging, popping, pressure, and temporary hearing loss.These symptoms are experienced by roughly 25% of all air travelers but they are preventable with EarPlanes. EarPlanes are approved by flight attendants and are recommended by doctors. They are drug free and made of hypoallergenic and latex free soft silicone. The unique and exclusive CeramX filter inside of the EarPlanes earplug regulates air pressure naturally, yet even airline flight safety announcements can still be heard when wearing them, as well as headsets worn for music and movies during flights. 

But  EarPlanes aren't just for airplane riders, which is a good thing because I've never been on an airplane and have no plans to in the immediate future. However, my boyfriend does drive a motorcycle and I often ride on the back of it. Last year I noticed that sometimes when riding on the motorcycle the wind would hit my ears in a certain way and cause a bad, stinging pain and discomfort in them that lasted far beyond our motorcycle ride. I've had problems with my ears since I was a little girl and earaches and ear infections are no fun at all. I thought that earplugs might help with my pain and discomfort so I bought me a pair and sure enough they did the trick, which is why I jumped at the chance when given the opportunity to review a pair of EarPlanes. 

The EarPlanes fit into my ears perfectly. They were very easy to put in and I actually did this while going down the highway on the motorcycle. They came in a small, round storage case that fit nicely in my pocket and kept them safe until I was ready to use them. They were very comfortable and never once caused me any pain or discomfort whatsoever. They did a wonderful job at blocking the air from hitting my ears, therefore preventing any further symptoms. Even with the  EarPlanes protecting the insides of my ears, I was still able to hear my boyfriend if he was speaking to me and I was also able to hear the music playing from our motorcycle stereo. In addition to having sensitive ears, I also have sensitive skin but since the EarPlanes are hypoallergenic they didn't cause me any problems in that regard either. Because of EarPlanes, I was able to enjoy a nice motorcycle ride. 

Like I said, EarPlanes aren't just for airplane riders (or motorcycle riders) but can also provide the same relief to roller coaster riders. I also plan on taking mine to the Smoky Mountains with me this fall when we (hopefully) visit so when we are going up the mountain I don't have to deal with the ear symptoms this causes. 

EarPlanes come in two sizes, for kids and adults. EarPlanes are available at major drug, mass market, and airport retailers, such as CVS, Walgreens, WalMart, Pardies, Hudson News and many others for an average retail price of $9.00. You can find out more about EarPlanes on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/EarPlanes.

What about you, when would you wear EarPlanes?


  1. What a great idea!!! Nice that they work and you can still hear.

  2. I would wear on the airplane but also in the car when driving through the mountains.