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Being both a medical transcriptionist and a blogger, I find myself on the computer typing a lot, but I also find that there are many times when I actually need to write things the old fashioned way using a pen and paper. When I take notes during meetings and conference calls, I always do this using pen and paper. I also use pen and paper to take down phone messages or to write down things I need to remember. There are other times though when pens and notebooks come in handy. For instance, when my son played baseball there was no working scoreboard so I'd keep score myself with my own pen and paper that I'd keep in my purse. Sometimes we just like to go for drives to get out of the house for a bit and every once in a while we might run across something sitting for sale that we'd like to call about later so it's always nice to have a pen and some paper handy in the car so I can jot down a phone number, address, and/or description of something. It may sound corny, but I also have a notebook where I like to write down my favorite quotes. As always, makes these things easy with their many office supplies, including their Tops Idea Collective Notebooks, Tops Idea Collective Journal, and Tops Cornell Note Taking System Legal Pad.

The Tops Idea Collective Notebooks are designed with the creative, imaginative, and artistic person in mind. With lush, durable covers and downy, cream colored paper (which is easier on the eyes than a bright white paper in my opinion), Tops Idea Collective Notebooks are perfect for capturing your thoughts, ideas, or anything that inspires you. My 13-year-old son loves to write songs and this is the perfect notebook for that. With it's tough yet flexible cover, this notebook will be able to withstand being shoved in my son's backpack, locker at school, or desk at home with no problem. I also love to write poetry when I get the chance and this would be the perfect notebook to keep my work. Also, a co-worker and friend of mine who has a daughter who is about to get married and move into her own home gave me a great idea (and yet another perfect use for Tops Idea Collective Notebooks). The one thing her daughter is going to miss everyday is Mom's home cooked meals and she has requested that her mom give her a copy of all her favorite recipes but she doesn't just want her to print them off on the computer, but she wants them in her mom's own handwriting to make it even more special for her. But if you're not feeling inspired, you can also use this notebook to write down boring phone messages or to take notes during meetings, at least you'd be doing it in style.

The Tops Idea Collective Journal looks very high-end and is also designed with creative person in mind but it's smaller size makes it more portable so you can carry it with you everywhere you go so it's always handy when you're feeling inspired. It's small enough to fit inside many purses, backpacks, glove compartments of cars, you name it. Also with downy, cream colored paper and a very durable cover, the Tops Idea Collective Journal also features an expanding envelope with attractive yellow gusset to hold odds and ends, like maybe a picture of someone special or a letter from that special someone and you'll never lose your place. It also features a strong elastic band to keep your notebook closed to help protect not only your pages but your thoughts and ideas as well. I have a great idea on how I'm going to use my Tops Idea Collective Journal. Since it's small enough to fit into my purse, I'll be taking this to all of my sons football games to not only keep score if needed but also to record special things my son does, like make a quarterback sack, an interception, a touchdown, etc. I can record how much he improves over the years and when he's older I can give it to him and he'll know just how proud I was of him.

The Tops Cornell Note Taking System Legal Pad will help you upgrade your note taking by providing a clear, crisp way to easily take organized notes during meetings, lectures, presentations, etc. Each page is broken down into four sections. Besides the section for writing your actual notes, there is a separate section at the top to record the date and purpose of the meeting or lecture. There is another section to the left that is the cue column, where you can jot down reminders and key terms or devise questions to help you during the meeting or lecture. Then there is a summary section at the bottom where you can write a brief review of the notes taken, important points from your notes, or main ideas from your meeting or lecture. It's really important that my notes during meetings are not jumbled and hard to read when reviewing them later so the Tops Cornell Note Taking System Legal Pad is now a must at every meeting or conference call I'll be attending. It's wonderful that the sheets are perforated, making it easy to tear them out and share with my co-workers if needed.

The Tops Idea Collective Notebooks, Tops Idea Collective Journal, and Tops Cornell Note Taking System Legal Pad are all great new additions to my home, office, and purse. The quality of these products is excellent and the prices are as well. You can get these products and other great office supplies, as well as promotional products from You can also connect with Shoplet on Facebook and Twitter.

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