Review of Chic Sac From Isn't This Clever

I just love Isn't This Clever, a place where you'll find innovative, unique, clever, patented or trademarked products with solutions to everyday problems, which are invented by everyday people turned entrepreneurs. I've reviewed a couple of different items from Isn't This Clever in the past, including a Finders Key Purse, which I haven't taken off my key ring since, and a FANtastic Pop-Up Fan. Now comes the Chic Sac, which is a reusable, washable, very stylish nylon bag that comes in a little matching stuff pouch for easy storage and it has a magnet in it and a sleeve for keeping your grocery list, coupons, or receipts. The magnet allows you to store your Chic Sac right on your refrigerator, making it harder to forget. It also attaches perfectly to my Finders Key Purse from Isn't This Clever. Measuring 25" x 17" and holding approximately 10 pounds, the Chic Sac replaces countless paper and plastic bags, helping you to reduce litter and pollution in style.

Of all the different colors and designs, my favorite is the Safari Chic Sac. It fits perfectly into even my smallest of purses. It's actually very easy to put back into the pouch as well. It's not only very stylish, but it's very functional as well. It's not just for your grocery and department store finds but the Chic Sac has so many other uses. You can use it to carry your library books. You can take it to the park, the gym, or the beach. You can even keep it in the glove box of your car. The Chic Sac also makes the perfect gift bag for special occasions. Just fill it full of fun items and the recipient is left with a chic, reusable bag that will encourage them to go green or stay green because they'll definitely want to be seen carrying this around. With the Chic Sac, it's a win-win situation.

To find out more about Isn't This Clever and the unique products they carry, you can connect with them on Twitter and Facebook or you can visit the Isn't This Clever blog.


  1. Thats a cool little tote!! I like the pattern.

  2. very cool, I've been trying to use my reusable bags more. I don't have any that look this cute though