Review of Anne Taintor's Floaty Pens

As you probably already know by now, I'm an Anne Taintor fan. I love all of Anne Taintor's witty products and one particular product that I'm loving right now are Anne Taintor's Floaty Pens. I remember my parents having some sort of a floaty pen when I was a kid and I was completely mesmerized by it. I've found that it's really no different now that I'm an adult. They are just as fun to play with....I mean write with. Anne Taintor carries floaty pens in 10 different designs, each with a clever caption and a fun floaty object.
Floaty Pens from Anne Taintor: You be Thelma. I'll be Louise.
My favorite floaty pen design is "You'll be Thelma. I'll be Louise." It has a picture of two women looking at each other, presumably contemplating their getaway just like Thelma and Louise, and there is a little convertible that floats back and forth. It measures approximately  7/16 inches in width by 5-3/8 inches in length with black ink. You twist the pen in order to produce the writing apparatus. It writes very smoothly. I have this bad habit of accidentally breaking pen clips all the time but this floaty pen has a nice sturdy metal clip so that it can't be easily broken. Pair one of these floaty pens with some Anne Taintor Mini Notes or Sticky Notes and you'll have the perfect gift that any woman with a sense of humor would love. She could keep this in her purse, in her car, or at her desk at the office. 

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  1. Well thats a cute pen. It seem we have loads of pens but never can find one that writes when I want one. I bet I wouldn't lose it if I had a pink one.