PJ's All-Natural Beef Steak Review

PJ's All-Natural Beef Steak is not to be confused with beef jerky and is in fact an all-natural, high-protein, and gluten free healthy snack alternative to dried-up, preservative-hardened "meat" snacks. PJ’s all-natural beef products are made from 100% authentic premium cuts of beef. PJ’s unique 7-day slow cooking cycle preserves every bite without the hardening, taste-draining chemicals that most beef jerky makers rely on. They do not use artificial preservatives, ever. Their tender authentic cuts of all-natural beef are available in two unique styles, slices and tenders, and come in original, teriyaki, and cracked pepper flavors. 

My family and I recently got to try PJ's All-Natural Beef Steak in both slices and tenders in the teriyaki flavor. The tenders are bite-sized pieces and are very soft and tender. They are small but pack a ton of flavor. The slices are thinly cut and are also soft and tender. They look like miniature steaks. They are very easy to eat in one bite or they pull apart easily, unlike most beef jerky that I'm used to. You're teeth and jaws won't hurt or be tired after eating this beef steak because neither the tenders or the slices are tough and do not contain hardly any fat. Everyone in my family loved PJ's All-Natural Beef Steak and though we tried hard to savor each bit and not eat it all in one setting, both bags were gone over the weekend. These would make great snacks for lunch boxes, on the go, to keep in the glove compartment of your vehicle, or even in survival kits (you know in case of a natural disaster or a zombie attack). 

You can connect with PJ's All-Natural Beef Steak on Twitter and/or Facebook to find out more, like where you can find some in a store near you. 

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