I Hosted My First House Party

If you're not familiar with House Party you really need to check the site out. I've been a member for a while now and I've applied to host several house parties and a few weeks ago I was finally accepted to host my first one. I was chosen to host a Soda Stream house party on Superbowl Sunday. House Party generously sent me a Soda Stream kit, an extra liter bottle, cups, coupons and information for my guests, and other goodies and party supplies to help me throw a Superbowl party. Due to a death in the family, there were a few people who couldn't make it but we still made some drinks with the Soda Stream, ordered pizza, and made some buffalo chicken dip (one with ranch and one with blue cheese) before the game aired. The flavors of Soda Stream soda that we tried were great. I misunderstood the directions initially and realized that to carbonate the soda you need to hold down on the Soda Stream to get your desired carbonation versus just pumping or pressing it over and over again. What you do is carbonate plain water and then add in your flavoring (and there are tons of flavors). The party would have been tons more fun if one of our favorite teams had made it to the Superbowl but that's another story. : )

I plan on bringing some Soda Stream drinks and some information and coupons to work to share with my coworkers because I know they'll love that. I hope I have the opportunity to host another house party soon under better circumstances and make it way more fun because after seeing some of the pictures other hosts took my party looked a little lame. It was my first one though and I don't get the opportunity to entertain much so I don't guess it was a total disaster. 

You can find House Party on Facebook and Twitter. I hope you check them out and become a member because they have so much to offer. The best thing about House Party is that you don't have to be a blogger and you don't have to belong to Twitter or Facebook to become a member and host fantastic parties.

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