ToughHound All Sports Personalized Dog Collar Review

The ToughHound All Sports dog collar, which can be found at the dog bark collar store, is a personalized dog collar that features an integrated stainless steel laser-engraved nameplate that allows you to proudly display your dog's name along with other important identifying information such as your own name, address and/or phone number in the event that your dog ever gets lost so that it can be safely returned home. The ToughHound dog collar is made from a highly durable polycoated nylon-webbing with a non-porous surface, which drys quickly and does not absorb unpleasant odors, making this collar maintenance free because removing mud and other debris is just a wipe away. The Toughhound is designed to handle outdoor play, hunting, and long training sessions. The collar can tolerate extreme weather conditions such as extreme cold and extreme heat. The ToughHound is sure to last your dog many years. The nameplate is permanently attached to the collar band so it won’t fall from its ring, which could be a pro or a con depending on how you look at it but I think it's a wonderful feature. The ToughHound retails for $29.95 and comes in many different sizes and eight fun colors that are sure to fit any dog's personality.

When given the opportunity to review a ToughHound All Sports dog collar, I chose one in neon pink for my Pit Bull puppy named China. With all the different colors to choose from, I felt that the neon pink collar best expressed China's personality. She's still young so she's hyper and loves to run, jump, and play but she's also a very friendly dog who is very lovable, loves attention, and loves giving us kisses anytime she can. As for personalizing the nameplate, there were several different fonts to choose from and I went with the Arial font. All I wanted displayed on the nameplate was China's name, big and bold and easy to see, and nothing else, even though I could have used up to four lines. I do think this is a wonderful feature though being able to add more information to your dog's collar. 

The ToughHound fits around China's neck perfectly and it includes extra notches which means when China grows we can just move it to the next notch and she can still enjoy her collar for many years to come. With this collar being such a fun, bright color, we are able to spot China very easily in the yard from a good distance away, even after the sun has started to go down. This is a very sturdy collar that withstands China's playful nature. Unlike her previous collar, China has not been able to wiggle her way out of the ToughHound collar, nor has she tried to. It doesn't seem to agitate her in any way. This collar never seems to get dirty and in fact seems to repel dirt and other debris so everyday no matter how hard China has played, whether she has rolled in dirt or mud or frolicked in the snow, her ToughHound Collar is just as clean and as noticeable as it was on day one.

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