EssickAir Whole House Humidifier Review

Our house is extremely dry all year round but worse during the colder months and even though we run a small humidifier in our bedroom every night and another small one in the living room occasionally during the day, we still wake up in the mornings with extremely dry mouths, lips, and tongues. Sometimes the inside of my mouth and lips will get so dry they will crack, which can be painful and hurt for days. Other things such as putting on lip balm before going to bed and keeping water beside the bed so we can get a drink if we wake up in the middle of the night help very little. The air in our house is just so dry we still wake up in the mornings with the same results. My teenage son has eczema and the dry air in our home only makes his condition worse. For years we've talked about getting a whole house humidifier but just never did it until recently. We were at Sears so I could buy me a new outfit with my Christmas money when we saw the EssickAir 9 Gallon Pedestal Evaporative Air Whole House Humidifier with Decorative Tile Insert and I knew right away we wouldn't be leaving the store without it. The elegant look of the humidifier alone had me hooked right away. It looks more like a decorative piece of furniture rather than something that will make us feel better physically. The tile is removable so any 12 x 12 tile will fit it, allowing you to match your decor. This humidifier covers 2000 square feet so it was perfect for our home. We had this put together and filled with 3.5 gallons of water within minutes of taking it out of the box. This humidifier is the perfect pedestal for a decorative plant, vase, or figurine. It's very easy to fill with water and there are different settings and speeds so we can have control over the amount of humidity in our home. It's not that loud at all and doesn't disrupt us when watching television, sleeping, etc. The wheels allow us to move the humidifier easily whenever we want. A remote is sold separately but we didn't feel we needed one.

We placed our new EssickAir 9 Gallon Pedestal Evaporative Air Whole House Humidifier with Decorative Tile Insert in our dining room and I sat two decorate vases on top, which I will eventually put flowers in. We let the humidifier run almost continuously for almost 2 days and then we started turning it off during the day and turning it back on in the evening (in case it raised our electric bill too high). After about the second night of using the humidifier, I started noticing a huge difference in how my mouth, lips, and tongue felt in the morning when waking up. My mouth is still a little bit dry (but I do think I sleep with my mouth open most of the night) but it's now tolerable and not uncomfortable or painful. I'm glad we quit talking about it and purchased a whole house humidifier because it's made such a huge difference in just a short period of time.

*Disclosure:  I was not asked by Sears or EssickAir to write a review of the EssickAir 9 Gallon Pedestal Evaporative Air Whole House Humidifier with Decorative Tile Insert. This was purchased by me and I wanted to share my thoughts. 


  1. Our house is terribly dry. I have tried hummidifiers and they threw white dust all over everything. I even went so far as to make my own.

  2. We had been talking about getting a humidifier for a while. Especially now that I'm pregnant and can't take a whole lot of medications during colds and such. This one sounds like it would be great