Cute and Cheap Dollar General Find

Right after work yesterday, we had to get my son to his out of town orthodontist appointment and then grab a bite to eat and by that time it was nearly 8 o'clock and we still had to stop at the Dollar General on our way home to grab something to unclog a few drains. Knowing that we still had to get home to unclog the drains, shower, put up laundry, and try to catch up on a couple of shows on the DVR, I wanted to get in and out as quickly as possible. While the mister was was getting what we needed, I was browsing a few aisles and to my surprised, I noticed that they had a lot of cute things. One thing in particular that caught my eye was their cute little decorative storage boxes

They had boxes in many different shapes and sizes with different designs on them. The one I got measures 11 x 4.75 x 3.75 inches. I believe the artwork on the box is by Lori Siebert. It says "Live With All Your Heart" and it's decorated with cute flowers and hearts. It looks great in my office and would look great just about anywhere I'd want to put it. It's perfect for holding smaller things such as envelops, receipts, and other small office supplies. It would also look great in my bedroom to store my jewelry, perfume bottles, etc. The best part was that it was only $2.50. These would make perfect gifts for many different occasions so the next time I visit the Dollar General and have more time to look around, I might just pick up a few more.

Disclosure:  I was not asked by the Dollar General to write this review. I simply found a good deal there and wanted to blog about it.

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