When I Needed a Retirement Gift Basket For a Co-Worker, I Turned To Personally Packaged

I've been at my current job for almost 11 years now and for most of those years I've sit in the cubicle next to Doris. You really get to know a lot about a person when you sit next to them for 8 hours a day and when Doris announced earlier this year that she would be retiring in November I was extremely happy for her. She's a wonderful Christian lady and a colon cancer survivor who deserves to be able to retire to enjoy time with her husband, kids, grand kids, and even her first great-grand kid who will arrive by the end of the year. I wanted to be able to give Doris something extra special to take with her when she left, something that would let her know just how much she really meant to all of her co-workers, especially to me. I thought a gift basket would be the perfect going away present and I immediately thought of Pam at Personally Packaged. I've done several reviews for Personally Packaged in the past and I'm a big fan of her baskets so I contacted Pam and told her what I was needing made.

I told her a few things about Doris so she'd know just what to put in her basket. I told her that Doris was first and foremost a Christian but she was also a colon cancer survivor, a big fan of snacks, she loved to garden, was very close to her family, and collected angel figurines. I told her to use her imagination and put together one of her wonderful creations. My only specific request was that an angel figurine be included in the basket because when she was recovering from surgery due to her colon cancer, one of her children brought her an angel figurine and so began her love of these angelic statuettes. Pam and I kept in close contact via email and she periodically sent me pictures of her progress until she had put together the perfect retirement gift basket for Doris. Pam sent me the tracking number when it was shipped and it arrived a couple of days later perfectly packaged, as always.

I was astounded when I saw Doris' retirement gift basket in person. Pam was able to capture Doris' personality so well with the information I gave her. Included in the basket were lots of snacks, a vegetable peeler, a gardening pouch with gloves, tools, and lots of seeds, and of course a beautiful angel figurine with a wonderful saying, "To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow." My co-workers also loved the gift basket and we recently presented it to Doris at the retirement party we threw for her. She teared up when she saw the angel and read the simple saying that held a lot of meaning and she told us that she would always think of us when she saw it. The basket was covered in plastic and everything inside was nicely arranged and secured. The basket was also adorned with yellow flowers and topped with a matching yellow ribbon. Another great thing about Doris' basket is that she'll be able to keep it and reuse it for practically anything she wants, like storing snacks or planting some flowers in the spring.

If you ever need a gift basket made for any special occasion, I highly recommend you contact Pam at Personally Packaged because she does fantastic work. She really has a knack at creating the perfect gift basket for any occasion. You can also find Personally Packaged on Twitter.

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