Turn Stuff You Don't Need Into a Good Deed With DonateStuff.com

Did you know that 20 billion pounds of clothing is thrown away each year and 100% of this clothing waste that is filling our landfills can be donated and reused. DonateStuff.com saves 470,000 pounds of clothing and household items from going into landfills every week. DonateStuff.com is a great way to make room for new clothes and other things you and your family will be receiving this holiday season. It's also a nice way to get kids thinking about giving in the midst of so much getting.

Using DonateStuff.com is as easy as 1-2-3 and it is the only website where you can request a pre-paid UPS shipping bag to make a donation of your unwanted clothing, shoes, accessories, and linens from anywhere in the US, free of charge. Your requested bag(s) are mailed to your home within 24 hours. Just fill your bags and drop them off at any UPS shipping location. Your donated items will benefit your choice of one of DonateStuff’s national charitable partners, including AMVETS, Easter Seals, and The Purple Heart. Items donated through DonateStuff.com are also tax deductible. Each pre-paid shipping bag can hold an average of 15 pounds, which is about 45 pieces of clothing, shoes, accessories, and other household textiles including handbags, sheets, and towels. You can request up to three bags at a time, and there is no limit to the number of requests you can make. These pre-paid bags don’t expire, so it’s convenient to keep one on hand to use when you need to, then send it in when it’s full.

I know I always have old (but still in good condition) clothes and shoes lying around so I'll be checking out DonateStuff.com and I encourage you to also.

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  1. When I have clothing I don't want I put it on free cycle and someone always comes to pick it up.

    With mens clothing, we have a mens mission in a town right by us that takes in mens clothing for those who don't have.