Diamond Candles Review

I finally gave into the hype last week and bought my first candle from Diamond Candles. I bought two actually because I got two for the price of one on House Party. I got candles in Watermelon Wedge and Tropical Retreat scents. If you're still unfamiliar with Diamond Candles, they are earth friendly, all natural soy candles made in the United Stated. Each candle has a ring inside that is worth anywhere from $10 all the way up to $5,000. I bought these candles on a Tuesday afternoon and they arrived by Saturday so I was very impressed with the shipping time. I wasn't expecting them for at least another couple of days. 

The first candle I tried was the Watermelon Wedge. It had a nice watermelon scent with hints of peaches, bananas, and ripe melons. I next tried my candle in the Tropical Retreat scent. It had a nice Caribbean scent with a hint of green bananas, coconuts, oranges, and grapefruits. These are perfect scents for those like me who love tropical/fruity scents. Since I'm quite impatient, I used the marker stickers on the sides of the jars to my advantage because they tell you exactly where the ring is at in the candle, so I was able to pull out my rings quite easily with a pair of tweezers actually before the foil packages started showing. The ring that I found in the Watermelon Wedge candle was absolutely gorgeous although it's more than likely a $10 ring. The ring that I found in the Tropical Retreat candle was gorgeous as well but I believe it's only about a $10 ring as well. One of the rings was apparently a size 7 because it fit me perfectly but the other ring was probably an 8-9 because it was quite big. The only downfall to Diamond Candles is that you don't know the size of the ring you'll be getting in your candle so you may or may not even be able to wear it without getting it adjusted first and if you have one of the cheaper rings, it may not even be worth paying to have it adjusted to fit you. In my opinion,  Diamond Candles are too expensive to buy just to take the chance that you might find an expensive ring. They would make a fun gift though because almost everyone likes surprises. On the upside though, my mom will probably be able to wear the ring of mine that didn't fit me and I'll still be left with some great smelling candles.

Disclosure:  I was not asked by Diamond Candles to do this review. I purchased these on my own via House Party. All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. I agree. I love the excitement of seeing what kind of ring I get and of course I love candles but almost every ring I've gotten has been way too big. One was actually a size 12!

  2. Watermelon sounds amazing! But, it sounds like they need to size the candles so you know what size you get when you purchase.


  3. I agree with Sara, both about the Watermelon scent and the need to put the size on the candles. The idea of a treasure candle is nice, but I am just not a diamond kind of a girl, the whole industry just sickens me. I know I'm in a very small minority, but I just can't get past the child labor, the slave labor and the horrific mining conditions.

    What I need is a gift card surprise candle. :)