Check Out The Sneakers I Created On

So has this cool feature where you can design your own sneakers. Basically you start with a blank shoe and you choose the colors and/or patterns that you want. The process is really easy too. I wanted to try a different type of shoe besides the normal Asics/New Balance type shoes I usually wear so I designed myself a pair of sneakers and I just wanted your opinion. Follow this link to check out the shoes I just created on and let me know what you think of them please. My step-daughter is a total shoe freak and I'm thinking she'd love this design feature so I may let her design a pair for Christmas this year. If you design a pair, send me the link because I'd love to see what you come up with too.


  1. I love them! My daughter would love them too!

  2. I made this one, this is just my daughter style and favorite colors! What a great birthday gift!,,,445508594