My Weekend Movie Rundown

This weekend we watched Almost Famous which we recorded on our DVR. Almost Famous stars Billy Crudup, Kate Hudson, Patrick Fugit, and Jason Lee. Almost Famous is about a 15-year-old boy name William Miller who gets hired by Rolling Stone magazine to tour with and write about an up and coming rock band name Stillwater in the early 1970s. Almost Famous follows William during the tour as he confronts friendship, love, and loyalty and becomes almost famous. This is a movie which I had seen part of before but I'd never watched it from beginning to end. It's a great movie and it's hard not to like William as he finds himself in some odd predicaments. Almost Famous is not just about the music though, it's part comedy (in my opinion), drama, and biography all in one. Almost Famous is rated R for language, drug content, and brief nudity and it's highly recommended by me.

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  1. Hubs wanted to go watch a movie this weekend but I was so exausted that all I wanted to do was stay home.