Book Review: On The Street Where You Live by Mary Higgins Clark

A while back I posted an interesting 'How I Got That' kinda story where I told you how I came about obtaining a copy of On The Street Where You Live by Mary Higgins Clark. This was the first novel that I've read by Mary Higgins Clark.

On The Street Where You Live is about a recent divorcee and stalking victim named Emily Graham who decides to leave the big city and buy her ancestral home in the seaside resort town of Spring Lake, New Jersey. The Victorian house was originally sold by her family in 1892 after one of her ancestors, Madeline Shapley, disappeared when she was just a young woman. During renovation, a skeleton is found in Emily's back yard, and is identified to be that of a young Spring Lake woman named Martha Lawrence who vanished several years before. Within Martha's hand though is the finger bone of another skeleton with a ring on it, a Shapley family heirloom. Afterwards, the skeletons of other missing Spring Lake residents are found. Even though the murders are separated by more than a century, Emily is determined to find the connection between them but this puts her in danger of becoming the next victim.

The serial killer is not revealed until the end of the book but it's believed that it's the same person, only reincarnated. There are so many possibilities as to who could be the possible reincarnated serial killer. Is it Gary White, Emily's greedy ex-husband? Will Stafford, the handsome real estate agent who helped Emily buy her new home? Ned Koehler, the man convicted of stalking Emily in the city? Eric Bailey, friend and owner of the dot-com company where Emily made big bucks? Clayton Wilcox, the retired college professor who is being blackmailed by a former student? Nick Todd, a defense lawyer at the new firm where Emily will be working as a criminal defense attorney? Bob Frieze, the restaurant owner prone to frequent blackouts where he loses his memory? Or is is someone else entirely?

This book is very gripping and I was very surprised to find out who the killer was, past and present day. Everything comes together nicely for a great ending. After reading this, I definitely want to check out more of Mary Higgins Clark's novels.

You can read an excerpt of On The Street Where You Live here.


  1. I've read this book and many others by Mary Higgins Clark, they all have twists and turns that surprise me.

  2. I have read so many Mary Higgins Clark Books that I don't know if I read this one or not.