Royce Leather Review From Shoplet

Shoplet surprised me with a package in my mailbox over the weekend but instead of office supplies, I received a Royce Leather iPhone Sleeve and a Royce Leather The Big Tag.

The Royce Leather iPhone Sleeve couldn't have come at a more perfect time. I had just received in the mail that very same day a new Pantech cell phone that I had ordered off eBay and the case I had ordered wasn't due to arrive until after the weekend so I had no way to protect my phone yet. Although my new phone isn't an iPhone, it fit into this sleeve perfectly and I was able to carry it in my purse all weekend with no worries whatsoever. It's lightweight at only 3 ounces and is made of genuine leather. In addition to its sleek, elegant look, this iPhone sleeve is very durable and it keeps my phone protected very well. I'm able to slide my phone in and out of this sleeve very easily. I'm debating on whether or not to even use my new case when it arrives because I'm really loving this Royce Leather iPhone Sleeve. Lucky for me though my boyfriend has the exact same phone as I do and I also have an iPod Touch so this iPhone sleeve will definitely continue to be used. It's priced at just under $13, which is very reasonable in my opinion as compared to most other leather phone cases or sleeves. 

The Royce Leather The Big Tag is a must have accessory for my luggage. It's lightweight at just 3 ounces but it's bigger than other luggage tags I've seen (measuring 6" x 4" x 1/4") so it really stands out, especially in the wildberry color. It has a lobster claw rotating clap to hook onto luggage easily but my favorite feature is the privacy flap so that my information is kept safe from snooping eyes unlike my current luggage tag which allows my information to be seen by anyone trying to sneak a peak. I've never traveled on a plane so I've never had to deal with luggage issues in that regard but the Royce Leather The Big Tag will definitely make your bag stand out in a crowd and easier to find.


  1. I love surprises!! How cool! I really like the wildberry color.

  2. yes, I wasn't expecting it either. I got a UPS notification saying I was getting a package from Royce leather and though maybe it was something my hubby ordered for his ebay store lol.

    I'm glad you could use the iphone sleeve. My android is wider than the sleeve so unfortunately I couldn't use it. I'm sure I could find someone to give it to though. Maybe a coworker or something