Our Latest Virginia Beach Vacation

My family and I just got back from vacation on Friday. We went to Virginia Beach for the second year in a row and we had a great time. Virginia Beach is packed full of family friendly entertainment with street performers, bands, comedy acts, etc. and for the second year in a row our favorite Beach Street USA performance was Dallas and Nick who put on a fantastic show that everyone in the family will love. Dallas and Nick are not only funny, but Dallas can juggle and eat and breathe fire and Nick is an amazing escape artist (and my step daughter thinks he's cute). They love to include the audience in their shows, even the kids. And we found out on our last night at Virginia Beach that they were not only staying in the same hotel as us, but their room was right across the hall from ours.

This year we also discovered some great bands who performed at Neptune's Park at 31st Street and our favorites were The Office and The River Boyz, which played some great country, alternative, disco, and rock music and was a great way to wrap up our evenings.

We splurged a little and enjoyed two seafood buffets while there but we also enjoyed eating at the Pi-zzeria where we ordered Chicken Bacon Ranch and Steak Philly sandwiches with french fries and an Italian Chopped Salad. We also enjoyed eating at Cactus Jack's Southwest Grill where my son ordered a CJ's Burrito and everyone else ordered Taco Salads. We also ordered a couple of appetizers. We had the Pico De Galla and my parents had the Queso Dip. They had the best tortilla chips. They were warm, crispy, and salty, just the way I like them. Both places had a warm and welcoming atmosphere, great decor, and they played great music while we ate. We also enjoyed frozen yogurt at Sweet Frog and All American YogurtThis was our first time trying a self serve frozen yogurt bar and although it can be a bit pricey it was delicious. There's a flavor that everyone will love and tons of toppings, including fruit, marshmallows, candy pieces, cereal, syrups, and more. I really wish we had a frozen yogurt bar close to home.

Besides lounging on the beach, shopping, and enjoying some great entertainment, we also enjoyed visiting the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art, specifically the Andy Warhol: Portraits Exhibit. I was the one who was really wanting to pay a visit to the museum while in Virginia Beach and my kids and boyfriend were not excited about it at all but once we got inside everyone found it to be very interesting and there was something that everyone enjoyed. Our favorite part about the exhibit was the interactive area where my kids and I created our own Warhol inspired masterpieces and tried on silly costumes while my boyfriend learned more about Andy Warhol's life on a computer program they had set up. 

My kids are 12 and 15 now and pretty much enjoyed listening to the music in the evenings like we did but there was lots of stuff going on for younger kids too, like a kids movie on a big screen right on the beach and lots of street performances for them to enjoy. If you don't mind doing quite a bit of walking and splurging a bit, you can definitely enjoy yourself and have a great time at Virginia Beach. There were lots of other things we would have liked to have done but just couldn't spend the money on but that's life for you!


  1. I was in Virginia Beach years ago, but haven't been lately. Hubs and I are going to start going on one vacation each month so maybe we can go there at some point.

  2. very cool. Sounds like you had a great time. Which hotel did you stay at? I'm gathering ideas for our trip :-)