My Weekend Movie Rundown

This weekend we used a free Redbox rental code to rent Bad Ass starring Danny Trejo. This a movie that we hadn't heard of before seeing it at the Redbox. It's about a Vietnam veteran who becomes a local hero after saving a man from being attacked on a city bus. After his best friend is murdered and the police don't seem to be interested in finding the murderer, he decides to take action himself. Since we hadn't heard of this movie before we figured it probably wouldn't be that good but boy were we wrong. This was an excellent movie and Danny Trejo did a fantastic job with his character. It was filled with action and comedy, plus I loved his shirt. I might order one or have one made for my boyfriend for a few laughs (you'll know what I'm talking about if you see this movie). Trejo was definitely a bad ass who kicked some ass in this movie. There is some langue and violence, not to mention a great scene with a garbage disposal, but I would definitely recommend this movie. (Pardon all the ass talk by the way). 

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