Knoshbox Monthly Subscription Box Review

Knoshbox is a brand new monthly subscription box that brings you the finest gourmet foods from small producers right here in the USA and allows you to discover new foods, tastes, and experiences in the comfort of your own home.  When you receive your Knoshbox, you'll also receive a card with a short story behind the foods inside and the people who created them. However, you can go to their site and find out even more information and even pictures, including pictures of the people behind the foods, the foods being made and, and where they come from. If you love any of the foods featured in your Knoshbox and want more, you can purchase them at the Knoshobox Market. Your Knoshbox will be delivered right to your door monthly for $30 (plus free shipping to the US). You can cancel your monthly subscription at any time, for any reason. 

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to try out Knoshbox's July box, the Cafe Box. Included in my box was a nice colorful card detailing the five items inside, Taza Chocolate, Zen Tara Tea, Ashlawn Farm Coffee, Two Cousins Biscotti, and Full Bloom Apiaries Honey. However, I noticed that the Taza Chocolate was missing so I simply contacted them via Twitter telling them and they responded very quickly and apologized and said they would send it out ASAP and I received it a few days later so this goes to show that they have great customer service and care about customer satisfaction. 

The first thing I tried from my Knoshbox was the Two Cousins Biscotti. This comes from Clinton, Connecticut and is made from a recipe that has been passed down over several generations. It contains no artificial ingredients or preservatives. It's made from fresh, all natural ingredients, including dried cranberry, pistachio nuts and apricot. Until receiving this Knoshbox, I don't believe I've ever tried biscotti before. This biscotti had a very interesting flavor. I'm not a huge fan of pistachio nuts but I did like the dried fruit pieces and I believe if it weren't for the pistachio nuts I would have devoured this bag by now. You can purchase a 4 ounce bag of Two Cousins Biscotti from the Knoshobox Market for $4.00, which is reasonably priced.

The next thing I tried from my Knoshbox was the Full Bloom Apiaries Honey. This honey comes from Franklin, Connecticut and is unfiltered and non-pasteurized and comes from hives and colonies that are never treated with pesticides, resulting in clean, chemical-free honey and honeycomb. This was probably one of the best honeys I have ever eaten. It was very natural tasting and was perfectly sweetened and would be great used as a spread or straight from the jar by the spoonful, which is how I enjoyed it. You can purchase a 5.5 ounce jar of Full Bloom Apiaries Honey for just $5.00, which I believe is well worth the price. 

The next thing I tried from my Knoshbox was the Ashlawn Farm Coffee (Captain Bill's Bold Blend) which comes from Lyme, Connecticut and is a rich blend of dark-roasted Asian and African coffees (a blend of Java and Sumatra beans). I didn't own a coffee grinder prior to receiving the Ashlawn Farm Coffee in my Knoshbox but the coffee beans had such a nice aroma that I purchased one. The coffee beans ground up nicely in a matter of seconds. I made a pot of coffee using the Ashlawn Farm Coffee for me and a couple of coworkers. It had a very nice aroma that even the non-coffee drinkers admired. This coffee had an amazing flavor. It was not bitter and was just right and not too strong or too weak. My co-workers and I really enjoyed this coffee. It had me going back for seconds, which I never do.  You can purchase a 10 ounce bag of Ashlawn Farm Coffee from the Knoshbox Market for $12.00, which is definitely worth the price.

The next thing I tried from my Knoshbox was the Taza Chocolate which comes from Somerville, Massachusetts. They are stone ground Mexican style chocolate discs. Taza Chocolate is a unique combination of organic coarse kosher salt, organic cracked black peppercorns, and Chocolate Mexicano made from organic and direct trade cacao beans, giving it a granulated texture.  It's easy to break small pieces off at a time to enjoy in moderation. I thought this chocolate had a very distinct taste. You can definitely taste the salt and the kick from the pepper. I'm not exactly fond of the coarse texture. I'm not overly crazy about the Taza Chocolate but it is different and can still satisfy my sweet tooth, plus I get the salt/pepper combination which sets this chocolate apart from others.  You can purchase a 2.7 ounce disc of Taza Chocolate from the Knoshbox Market for $5.00. Depending on how well you like this chocolate, the price isn't really all that bad. 

The last item in my Knoshbox was Zen Tara Tea which comes from Bethesda, Maryland. This is a premium loose leaf made with rinds of Meyer lemons to give it a distinct citrus flavor and blended with black Nilgiri tea from Southern India. As good as that sounds though, I'm just not a tea drinker and have never been, so I decided to give this to a co-worker who actually enjoys tea. You either love tea or you hate it so I guess you can say I hate it. If you'd like to purchase Zen Tara Tea, you can purchase a 2 ounce bag (which makes about 10 cups of tea) from the Knoshbox Market for $7.00 a bag. 

Monthly subscriptions boxes are always fun to receive. Sometimes you get to try things that you absolutely love and sometimes you try things that you don't love so much. Sometimes there's something in your box that you just know someone else would enjoy more than you so you get to make someone's day by giving them a nice treat. My Knoshbox was no different. I absolutely loved the Ashlawn Farm Coffee and the Full Bloom Apiaries Honey but I wasn't as huge of a fan of the Two Cousins Biscotti or the Taza Chocolate and I was also able to make a co-worker happy by giving them the Zen Tara Tea. And just as it said it would, the Knoshbox gave me the opportunity to  discover new foods, tastes, and experiences and I can definitely appreciate that.  The monthly price of $30 is a bit costly in my opinion, especially for someone like myself with kids, bills (including medical), a car payment, etc. and the Knoshbox just isn't a luxury I could justify every month but it would be great to splurge on one occasionally and this can be done as you can cancel your subscription at any time for whatever reason.  The Knoshbox would also make the perfect gift, especially during the holidays. With the Knoshbox, you're not getting actual products, but you're getting an experience as well.

If you'd like to connect further with Knoshbox, you can find them on Facebook and Twitter


  1. oh wow I think I'd like this. I love to support local companies. I also like that it comes with info on where it came from. May have to try this one too

  2. I love the idea of being able to access the origin of the food. Those all sound like small businesses, which I love to support. The price doesn't sound bad, but is out of my budget. This would be a great if I could afford it.