Interesting 'How I Got That' Kinda Story

I scored a new book over the weekend by Mary Higgins Clark called On The Street Where You Live. While getting a new book isn't that interesting of a story, the story of HOW I got the book is. Since we were kid free this past weekend we decided to take a nice long car ride before dinner. And as anyone with kids will probably tell you it's nice not to have to hear all the complaining coming from the backseat about where you're going and why and when you'll be back home. Anyway, after our long ride we decided we were going to head back closer to home to eat at our favorite Chinese buffet. While coming through town we noticed an ambulance coming up behind us so we pulled over to let it pass. The closer we got to home we noticed the traffic was backing up a bit and we realized that the ambulance was heading to a wreck on the roadway. Eventually the traffic completely stopped but we soon realized it wasn't that bad of an accident, just a fender bender, but we couldn't figure out what was taking so long. Eventually after about half at hour at a complete standstill I started chatting with the lady in the car beside of me in the other lane. She said if we were going to be sitting very much longer she might as well finish the book she was reading which she had in the seat beside of her and I just kind of laughed and said I wish I had a book with me too. She then asked what kind of books I liked and I of course said all kinds so she gets out of her car and opens her trunk and pulls out the book I first told you about.  I was so surprised and I couldn't have thanked her enough at that point. We decided to keep chatting though instead of reading our books. After about an hour sitting, we finally found out why we were sitting so long. The fender bender happened in the right lane so this genius reporter for our local newspaper popped onto the scene in the left lane, stops his car to take a picture, and locks his keys in his car only to back traffic up for over an hour. So there you have it but at least I got a funny story out of it. I never got my new friend's name so hopefully I'll run into her someday after I've finished the book so I can thank her once again.

What about you....what's the most interesting way you've ever gotten anything?

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