Everything's Better When It's Hot Sauce Flavored

Recently my boyfriend found a great deal at Big Lots on some Herr's Hot Sauce Flavored Potato Chips that were in the clearance buggy. This was the first time that him or I had ever seen this particular flavor of Herr's chips around. Herr's fresh, natural, great tasting Ripple Potato Chips combine perfectly with Texas Pete's Hot Sauce creating an authentic three pepper zing. These are some seriously warm chips and I have to admit that they are too warm for my taste buds but they have such a great flavor that I continue to eat them anyway, cold drink in hand. He got such a good deal that he bought about 10 bags of these chips. I don't know whether or not I should be proud of him for this.

Also recently while doing some grocery shopping at Kroger I found a bottle of Wish-Bone Buffalo Ranch salad dressing which is Wish-Bone's cool, creamy ranch dressing combined with Frank's RedHot sauce. This was the first time I'd noticed this and since we were having chicken salad for dinner that day anyway I decided to pick up a bottle to try and it had such a great bold taste that I'm glad I didn't pass it by. It was warm with a great flavor but it wasn't so warm that I couldn't finish my salad using this dressing. It would also make a great dip for chicken, veggies, crackers, etc.

I now firmly believe that everything is better when it's hot sauce flavored. What about you?


  1. My Hubs loves Hot Sauce.. In fact he likes heat on most of his foods. Going to have to tell him about these.

  2. I'm not a big hot sauce fan, but I feel that "everything's better" with fresh garlic. :)

  3. Walmart has a great value brand buffalo ranch too and it's pretty good. I haven't tried the wish bone though. i also love the buffalo chips. I like just about any buffalo flavored stuff