Replens Review and Giveaway

Bring back the spontaneity in your life. Rediscover yourself. Reconnect with your partner. Rekindle a relationship. And, most of all, wave goodbye to discomfort!

There are times in all of our lives when we’d like to bring back the spontaneity in our love lives but our bodies don’t always cooperate and the reason can be stress, hormones, medications/chemo, childbirth/nursing and even excessive exercise, all of which can cause us to experience feminine dryness on a prolonged basis. While menopause might be the most common reason for feminine dryness, other factors such as medications/chemo, excessive exercise, stress, childbirth/nursing or tampon use can also be the culprit. However, there is no reason pain and discomfort from feminine dryness should stand in the way of your having a satisfying and comfortable intimate relationship. Enter Replens Long-Lasting Vaginal Moisturizer.

Over-the-counter Replens is non-hormonal and helps to alleviate vaginal dryness symptoms equivalent to that of prescription hormones, helping to replenish vaginal moisture and providing long-lasting results.  When used regularly, Replens helps to replenish vaginal moisture making for comfortable, enjoyable intimacy.

With comfortable, easy-to-use applicators, Replens is different from other lotions or lubricants because it contains a bioadhesive that allows it to attach to dry, compacted cells and deliver continuous moisture until those cells are naturally regenerated (about every 3-5 days). It can be used approximately every 3 days for long-lasting hydration of dry vaginal tissues so you can feel more like yourself again. Replens is available in pre-filled applicators or as a tube with a reusable applicator.

Replens is clinically tested and gynecologist recommended. It goes to work immediately and lasts for days. It is estrogen and fragrance free and will supplement the body's natural lubrication. Replens is readily available in the feminine hygiene section at stores nationwide, such as CVS, Walmart, Rite Aid, Duane Reade, Target,  Walgreens and more

So bring back the spontaneity and say goodbye to discomfort. Use Replens to Rediscover. Reconnect. Rekindle.

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  1. I learned some of the causes of dryness.
    Causes: Menopause
    Tampon use
    Excessive exercise

  2. Interesting information - not to repeat the above comment, but I did find the list of causes interesting. They vary widely and are not commonly known. thanks

  3. Patient samples and brochures with coupons are available for medical professionals.

  4. It is the safe choice over estrogen.

  5. I learned that there are many reasons for dryness including stress and childbirth!

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  6. something I learned is Replens Long-Lasting Vaginal Moisturizer is available with comfortable, easy-to-use applicators that provide soothing relief and long lasting moisture at the source of discomfort.

  7. Dryness can also be caused by taking certain medications, exercising intensively or being under stress.
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  8. I learned that stress can cause dryness.

    Les Johnson

  9. Even the type of tampons you use can effect your PH

  10. I learned that childbirth and intensive excercising can cause dryness

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  11. I learned that dryness is one of the top 1 concerns...

  12. I learned the dryness can come from childbirth and stress.

  13. I learned that dryness can come from all sorts of things. The one that surprised me most was intensive exercising.

    maggie ann true armstrong
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  14. I learned you can get a free sample on their facebook page.