Crocs Eyewear Review

When I think of  Crocs™, the first thing that comes to mind is shoes but now Crocs™ has a brand new product to offer just in time for summer.  Crocs™ now has sunglasses that are equipped with Jibbitz Hinges that flex for maximum comfort on faces of all shapes and sizes. The innovative hinge system allows the wearer to swap out sunglass faces and arms quickly and easily to make their own custom Crocs™ sunglasses! Additional Jibbitz™ hinge packs are available in a variety of colors to suit anyone’s style. Crocs™ Eyewear are sunglasses made for the entire family from Mom and Dad to the kids.


The Crocs™ Sunglasses C001 offer a playful twist on the world's most popular, iconic shape, and are designed to flatter any face. They fit nicely on my face and were very comfortable. They didn't slip off my nose. I often have problems with the arms of my sunglasses being too tight against the side of my head which causes me headaches but these arms were not too tight and did not cause me a headache or any discomfort whatsoever. I love wearing these in the car, at the baseball field, while riding on the motorcycle, or anywhere I need to go. They go great with anything I wear and look especially great with a more casual look. 
The Crocs™Sunglasses C004 offers a fashionable frame that is classic, timeless, and sophisticated and is known for defining the Hollywood look of pop culture starlets. These frames felt too big for my face (although I know that's the point) and they tended to slip down my nose often. The arms weren't too tight against my head and didn't cause me a headache. I don't particular like wearing these while driving due to the fact that they slip a bit and I like to keep my hands on the wheel as much as possible and I wouldn't want to wear these while riding on the motorcycle for this reason also. These are very stylish however and while they go with anything I wear, they'd be the perfect addition to a chic outfit. 
Both styles of sunglasses offer 100% UV protection and eco-friendly polarized lenses made of cellulose, which is a natural and renewable resource. They each did a great job keeping the sun out of my eyes. They each have a hinge system that allows you to swap, mix and match faces and arms to create your own custom Crocs™. Detailed instructions are included on how to do this properly and I found them pretty easy to follow. You can also watch the below video and see for yourself. I  was disappointed that these sunglasses didn't come with a  Crocs™ Hinge Pack or even one extra hinge set in another color but they can be purchased separately for $6.99 and they come in bright, tropical, and traditional colors. However, each of these sunglasses did come with a very chic and stylish bag to keep them safe in when not wearing. The bag is soft and I personally use it to wipe the smudges and fingerprints off the lenses of these sunglasses and it works great, although I'm certain it's not intended to do this. These sunglasses seem to be pretty well made and retail for $39.99 each.

Crocs™ Sunglasses can be purchased at all Crocs™ store locations (except for kiosks). If you'd like to discover the right eyewear to help you and your family see better, look better, and be better, Eye Aspire is a great blog packed full of useful information to help you make the right decision. You can also find Eye Aspire on Facebook and Twitter.


  1. They sound really comfortable. I love that you have the option to change the color on the side.
    Thanks for the review!

  2. I want a pair of these... they look super nice.