Anne Taintor Review and Giveaway

About Anne Taintor
Anne Taintor is a relatively good girl with a slightly checkered past. She graduated from Harvard in the 1970s with a degree in Visual and Environmental Studies and after college she focused on collage, always incorporating a subtle humor and playfulness into her work. For years, Anne's art was more of a sideline than a full-time occupation but in 1985 she found herself searching for a way to spent more time at home with her daughter. She began to develop a line of collaged pins and magnets. These new collages combined vintage images with Anne's own interpretation of what these men and women might really be thinking. These were an instant hit with her customers and eventually she was brave enough to "quit her day job." The Anne Taintor line now includes books, canvas prints, coasters, coin purses, cosmetic bags, emery boards, flash drives, flasks, floaty pens, holiday napkins, lip balms, luggage tags, magnetic notepads, magnetic postcards, magnets, mini notes, mini tissues, mugs, nail files, napkins, note cases, party packs, pill boxes, shoppers, shot glasses, sticky notes, and totes.

There is lots to learn in the Taintorette News and at Anne Taintor's blog where you can also enter fun monthly Caption Contests. You can also pick up a free Smart-Ass wallpaper for your phone or iPod Touch while you're there. You can also find Anne Taintor on Facebook.

What I Thought
I received a nice little package from Anne Taintor that included an Anne Taintor Shopper, an Anne Taintor Luggage Tag, and Anne Taintors book - someone has to set a bad example

The Anne Taintor Shopper is a reusable, Earth friendly shopping bag that allows you to save the plant while you bring home the bacon....literally. It's strong, water resistant, has nylon shoulder straps, and features an interior pocket. The shopper I received features a mother/wife cooking/baking in her vintage kitchen with the caption "you'll eat'll eat it and and like it." I think this caption is hilarious and it pretty much describes me. I love the vintage look of this bag as well. I filled this shopper full of recycling and then when I emptied my recycling into the bin I took this bag to the grocery store and filled it full of groceries. This shopper measures 15-3/4 x 15-1/2 x 6-3/4 inches so it was able to hold a lot of stuff. The interior pocket is great for holding receipts, coupons, flyers, etc. 

The Anne Taintor Luggage Tag is a durable matte vinyl tag with strap and ID card insert and is the next best thing to extra legroom. The luggage tag I received features a young woman in a vintage bathing suit relaxing in the pool or lake with the caption "you know me...busy, busy!" We all deserve days like these. This luggage tag is well made and it adds a lot of character to my travel bag and I can't wait to take it to the beach with me this summer. 

The Anne Taintors book - someone has to set a bad example is a collection of more than 150 of Anne Taintor's best and funniest vintage illustrations and captions combined with whip-smart attitude to tell the truth about dating, marriage, motherhood, friendship, money, and more. I loved each one of these vintage images and I thought the captions were hilarious. There were so many great ones that I just wanted to rip them right out of the book and pin on my wall. My absolute favorite is a picture of a lady who is all dressed up and sitting on a couch with the caption "she was one cocktail away from proving his mother right." This book is better shared with friends so they can get a kick out of these too. This would make a great gift for so many occasions, such as a get well gift because it would be sure to bring a smile to anyone's face because face it, where's the fun in being well behaved? You can't be good all the time. 

The Anne Taintor collection the perfect way to express my  love for all things vintage.

One Precisely Mine reader will win the same Anne Taintor items that I received. 
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  1. I like the tissues with this saying

    I dreamed my whole house was clean.

  2. I like the Lip Balm with the saying: "I should come with a warning label"
    twinkle at optonline dot net

  3. I would love the canvas prints for my house, especially the one that says, "ta-daa! now let's have a cocktail..."

  4. I like the coin purse that says "hmmm...what should I buy today"

  5. I like the "Guess Where I'm Tattooed" cosmetic bag.

    Les Johnson

  6. My favorite Anne Taintor caption: "I should come with a warning label."

  7. My favorite (at the moment) is "Why I'd be delighted to put my needs last again." It is SO apropos of my life at the moment, sandwiched among two teenage sons, aging parents and a wonderful (if somewhat self-absorbed) husband. Oh yeah, and the four pets.

  8. Did we leave the kids at baggage claim again?

  9. I like the I'm so happy its happy hour saying.

  10. My favorite caption is "I dreamed my whole house was clean." That's an awesome dream. LOL

  11. Like some of the other comments, I also love the saying "I dreamed my whole house was clean"! I like their floaty pens a lot.
    hiwendyhi at yahoo dot com

  12. The coin purse is cute. eclairre(at)ymail(dot)Com

  13. OMG "what am I making for supper? why, sweetie, I'm making whatever the hell I want served with a side of eat it or starve" is SOOOO funny!!

  14. I like the classic tote that says "high maintenance" doesn't even begin to cover it.

  15. Norleans:

    "I dreamed my whole house was clean"

    Love that