And the Cancellations Keep Coming

I've seen an article on Yahoo! TV for a few days now called Canceled TV Shows:  Networks Clean House and I have to admit that I've avoided reading it until this morning for fear that I'd find some of my favorite TV shows on the list and I did, several actually. In addition to Fox already cancelling Terra Nova, they've also decided to cancel Alcatraz, The Finder, and I Hate My Teenage Daughter. ABC has decided to cancel GCB and NBC has decided to cancel Best Friends Forever. All of these shows were in their freshman seasons and for whatever reason weren't good enough to stay on the air although I thought they were amazing. As most of you know by now I'm a big fan of TV so needless to say I'm very upset and mad at the moment. When networks cancel great shows (in my opinion) after just their first season, it makes me hesitant to want to stay with that network the next time a new series is announced. Why spend an entire season loving a new show and relating to the characters only for it to be canceled and leave you hanging only to guess what season 2 might have brought.

What about you? Did you love any of these shows or another show that was just canceled?

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  1. The only show I am not happy about being taken off the air is Desperate Housewives. It has been on for years and I am sure the actors and actresses want a break. I am gonna miss it though.