Never Miss When a Package is Coming....From UPS Anyway

I'm a prize sweeper, a blogger, and a lover of online shopping so if you're anything like me you have packages coming in the mail several days a week. I get packages that arrive via USPS, FedEx, and UPS, sometimes all in the same day. Sometimes the shipper emails me the tracking info and sometimes they don't. But when UPS is the shipping company being used I can rest assured that I'll always know where my package is and when it will arrive to me thanks to UPS My Choice. UPS My Choice is free and easy to use and you can choose the delivery features that fit your lifestyle. You'll get an email, voice or text message at least the day before your delivery letting you know when the package will arrive. You can also track your packages, reroute, reschedule or authorize a shipment release for your delivery. You no longer have to schedule your life around your deliveries with UPS My Choice. There are so many great features and that is why I love being a member of UPS My Choice.

To celebrate having 1 million members, you can enter the UPS My Choice Sweepstakes by signing up for this great service. The grand prize is a trip for two anywhere in the world ($30,000 to travel and $5,000 to spend) and the first prize is a trip for two anywhere in the U.S. ($12,500 to travel and $2,500 to spend)!

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  1. I am going to have to check this out. I have about 3 packages that are suppose to be on their way. Not sure where they are at this point.