What $500 Million Would Buy Me

Friday's Mega Millions lottery jackpot is $500 million (that's a half billion) and I have an estimated 1 in 176 million chance at winning but I'm going to at least try. This leaves the question though, what would I do with $500 million. 

I could buy a quarter of the L.A. Dodgers franchise. I could buy the world's most expensive car, the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport. Actually I could buy 192 of them. I could buy about 4,065 shares of the world's most expensive stocks.  I could buy a 92,000-square foot house in Monaco or I could buy five $100 million homes in Los Altos Hills, Calif. I could use this money to collect about eight of the world's most expensive private jets, the Gulfstream G550, at about $59.9 million per plane. I could purchase tickets for this summer's London Olympic Games, which is the second most expensive sporting event ever with the best seats costing $8,600 per ticket, per event. Throw in some popcorn and souvenirs and you're talking serious money. Or I could take some of my  closest friends to the Olympics on my private jet before stopping over at my house in Monaco to relax from the stress of traveling.  Then when I returned to my mansion in California I could drive south in my Bugatti Veyron to catch a Dodgers game, in the owner's box.

Actually, the first thing I'd do if I won $500 million is quit both my jobs. I'd take care of my family and loved ones and buy them whatever they were in need of whether it be clothes, a new home, a new car, etc. I'd pay off their debts, loans, medical bills, etc. I'd pay for my son and step-daughter to go to college, as well as some of their closest friends. I'd also help out my community and small businesses in the area so that we'd be a community others would want to visit or move to. I'd donate money to my children's school so the students would have everything they needed. I'd donate some money to the local hospital and Hospice and Cancer Centers. I'd help out complete strangers and try to do as much good with the money as I could. There are so many other things I could and would do with this money but one thing for sure is that I wouldn't be selfish with it and I'd take care of those I loved.  

For the special man in my life I'd make sure he didn't have to work anymore and I'd buy him all the muscle cars, sports cars, trucks, motorcycles, and boats that he'd ever want. As for myself, I'd buy me a whole new wardrobe, including new shoes,  handbags, and jewelry. I'd treat myself to a trip to the spa and a makeover.  I'd treat my entire family to lavish vacations and dinners all the time. Oh and did I mention I'd quit my jobs....and never work again! Hey a girl can dream can't she. 

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  1. Crossing my fingers for you!! I would love to see you win.