Shoplet Selected Me As A Top Blogger!

A few weeks ago I was thrilled to find out that I was selected as one of Shoplet's Top Bloggers and since Shoplet is the leading purely online retailer of office supplies I thought that was a huge deal. As a congratulations, Shoplet sent me some nice Avery products and included in my package was a tote bag, a flash drive, a lunch bag, and an eco-friendly water bottle.

The tote bag is pretty big and can hold lots of office supplies to help you make it through the work day. It's also perfect to take along in the car on day trips. I love that it zips to ensure nothing will fall out. I also love the extra pocket on the front for easy access if there is something that I need to get to quickly. There are so many things that this tote bag can be used for. The flash drive is great and you can put a key ring on the end and convienently make it into a key chain so you can hook it to your purse, backpack, etc. I actually saved these pictures used in this post to the flash drive very easily. The lunch bag is perfect for a lunch for one. Unlike most similar lunch bags, there is a space on the side of it to hold the eco-friendly water bottle that I also received, to ensure that there is plenty of room inside to fit your lunch without it getting smashed by your drink. I love anything that is eco-friendly so the water bottle is great.

I love that each of these Avery products can be used by everyone in my house and not just me. While I might like to take the eco-friendly water bottle along with me on a walk or a long car ride, my son could take it to his baseball or football practices or games to ensure he stays well hydrated. I can use this lunch bag to pack a lunch to take to work but but my son or step-daughter could use it as well when packing a lunch for school. I can use this flash drive to store holiday or vacation photos but my kids could also use it for school projects, etc. The tote bag can be used for many, many things. It will be perfect to take to the beach this summer to hold sun block, sunglasses, snacks, drinks, towels, etc. or it would be great to take to football games this fall to hold extra blankets, gloves, hats, etc.

So thanks to Shoplet for choosing me as one of their Top Bloggers and thanks to both Shoplet and Avery for providing me with these nice and very useful gifts.

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  1. Whooo Hooooo Congratulations!! And you are one of the top bloggers in my book too.

    I added your blog on my Pinterest Giveaway board.