Shoplet Duck Tape Review

The Duck EZ Start Premium Packaging Tape is sold in packs of three and comes with two dispensers. I found it very easy to open and close the dispenser, although it didn't seem to be really durable and had sort of a cheap feel to it like it might be easily broken. It took me a minute to figure out how exactly to get the tape started through the dispenser however as there were no instructions on how to do this but once I was able to figure it out I was able to use this dispenser with just one hand.  It rolled quietly and smoothly with no problem. When I was done I was able to use the dispenser to easily tear the  tape. Overall I really liked using this dispenser as it was very easy to operate. The only con to this product was that they assumed everyone would know automatically how to use it because no directions of any sort were included.  

The Duck EZ Start Premium Packaging Tape w/ Dispenser was easy to operate after it took me a minute to figure out how it worked because there were no instructions of any sort included and the rolling mechanism on the dispenser threw me off a bit. It fit into my hand very nicely and I only needed one hand to operate it. It rolled quietly, smoothly, and quickly. When I was done taping, I was able to tear it off easily using the dispenser, again only using one hand. I really liked using this dispenser as it was easy to use and it helped to get the job done much quicker. The only con was that there were no instructions included as how to operate this. 

The newest addition to the Duck Tape family is the Zebra Printed Duck Tape. I found this duct tape to have the high quality strength and adhesive characteristics as the original gray duct tape but I realized right away that this printed duct tape would not only be excellent for repairs but also crafting and artistic projects such as turning a cork bulletin board and a picture frame from bland into glam. Even though this duct tape is very durable, I was able to tear is off easily by hand without the help of scissors. I absolutely love this Zebra Printed Duct Tape and it's definitely a product that I'm excited to buy more of to help me add a little bit of fabulousness to my office area. I hope to find printed Duck Tape in more colors/designs/patterns because I want to try them all.    

Check out this fun YouTube video to find out more ways you can use Duck Tape.

DISCLOSURE: provided me with free samples of Duck Tape products in order to do this review; however, all opinions expressed are my own. 


  1. Hahahaah.... I love duct tape. Just love it.

    I have repaired a lot of things using duct tape. My Granddaughter would love that zebra print tape.

  2. My daughter and my niece love duct tape. They have such pretty colors and patterns now.