Royal Quartz Rose Water Facial Moisturizer Review

Royal Quartz wants to keep you looking and feeling young and beautiful with their extensive line of foot care, body care, hair care,  facial care, and bath products. In order for me to maintain my beautiful, glowing skin, Royal Quartz sent me a Rose Water Facial Moisturizer to try.When I first started using the Rose Water Facial Moisturizer the skin on my face was quite dry.  I sprayed this facial moisturizer onto my clean, damp skin twice a day for approximately 9-10 days. It had just a slight rose scent which wasn't overpowering but just right in my opinion. For the first 3-4 days after I started using this moisturizer, the skin on my face still remained pretty dry and I was very disappointed that it wasn't working for me. However, after the fourth day my skin was no longer dry and it became perfectly moisturized and was very soft and smooth to the touch with a nice glow. It's also very important to note that I have very, very sensitive skin but this product never caused a rash or irritation of any kind. Therefore, I would have to recommend anyone try the Rose Water Facial Moisturizer if they want the same great results. 

Also, when browsing through all of Royal Quartz products, I found them to be mostly inexpensive and affordable. You can also build your own customized basket to include a clay powder, facial mask, facial oil, bath salts, and an incense of your choice, which would make a great gift for any beauty buff. You can find out more about Royal Quartz products by connecting with them via Twitter, Etsy, and/or Pinterest.

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