Personally Packaged is The Place to Get Your Next Gift Basket Made

Pamela Parnell is the founder of Personally Packaged, which is a new family owned gift management company located in NYC. She is a mother of two children and step mother of five, ranging in ages from 5 to 26. She has been making gift baskets, personalcarepaks, and careboxes for her family and friends for over 10 years now just because she loves to make people smile. She is a workaholic, working 20 years full time as the head of a graphics department for a wonderful company, who supports all her endeavors. Pamela believes in producing a beautiful line of unique baskets with a personal touch while embracing the concept of giving you the most bang for your buck. She creates gift baskets, personalcarepaks, and careboxes for almost any holiday, special event, or occasion you can think of. You can buy these already made or request to have them personalized.

This Easter, Pamela is going to be making around 30 mini Easter Baskets that she will be donating to foster children in her area. These baskets are super cute and filled full of fun and yummy goodies. I remember when I was a little kid waking up on Easter morning before church being so excited to find out what toys and treats were hiding in my Easter Basket so I love that Pamela cares enough for these children to make their Easter even more special. It will surely be a memory they will never forget. In a couple of weeks I'll be reviewing two of Pamela's gift baskets on my blog, a Movie Nite Gift Basket and a St. Patty's Day Gift Basket, and you'll have the opportunity to win your very own special basket from Personally Packaged so be sure to check back for that.

To find out more about Pamela and Personally Packaged and how you can purchase your own gift basket, personalcarepak, or carebox, you can visit the Personally Packaged blog and/or mobile site or you can connect on Facebook and/or Twitter.


  1. How nice of her to be donating baskets to those in need.

    I love making gift baskets and do it quite often.

  2. I love that she donates just to make others smile!! I will check her out next time I need a basket!