Just Another How We Met And Fell In Love Story

Brian came into my life a little over 11 years ago. Brian and my big brother David were friends and had gone to high school together so I had seen him around a few times but had never actually talked to him and I definitely had not given any thought whatsoever to dating him. So after a recent breakup with yet another jerk who lied and cheated on me, I turned to my brother for help because I knew he just had to know somebody who was single and looking for love. He did in fact have a friend who was single and looking for love and his name happened to be Jerry...not Brian. When I stopped by my brother's house one night to meet Jerry, Brian happened to be there too. Needless to say, Jerry was not my type at all so I asked my brother to set me up with Brian instead. A couple of days had gone by and I had not heard anything so I assumed Brian was not interested in dating me but I was wrong because one evening while I was taking orders for the drive-thru at Arby's where I worked at the time, Brian happened to be in the car that had just ordered and along with payment for the meal, he handed me his number too. We made plans to get together and I was going to meet him at his house and we were going to take a ride in his car so we could talk and get to know each a little better because basically the only things we knew about each other was that we each had a kid, he a 3-year-old daughter and I a 1-year-old son. We were both incredibly shy so we didn't end up talking much and ended up just listening to music most of the ride. It was great to find out that we both loved the same kind of music though. We also learned what kind of soda the other liked during a quick pit stop at a gas station for a fill up and some drinks. After driving for a while we went back to his place before I needed to get ready to go home. Even though we hadn't said much to each other I was really liking him but I thought he didn't like me so I told him I needed to leave and I gathered my bag and was going for my coat when he grabbed my arm to turn me around so he could kiss me goodnight. It was just a soft, simple, and quick kiss but it assured me that he liked me too. I remember telling my mom that night that I was going to marry him some day. My son and I moved in with him about a year and a half later and we officially became a family of four. In the 11 years that we have been together we have had lots of good times together (and bad too) but we have been inseparable since and I still love him. He continues to amaze me every day in all that he does and he'll always have a place in my heart.

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  1. Awww,,,, How Sweet Angie!!

    So glad to hear Brian treats you well.... that is so important.
    I too found a really good guy the second time around.

  2. aw, that's a nice story. I always love hearing how people met. Each story is so unique