Dilettante Chocolates Gourmet Chocolate Truffles Review

Recently I received a Chocolate Truffle Gift Box from Dilettante Chocolates as a thank you present. This beautiful silver half pound box of chocolates contained 16 pieces of Dilettante's finest hand dipped imperial chocolate truffles with pure couverture chocolate coating, natural flavors and real cream, and they were decorated with various delectable edible embellishments. This truffle assortment included Ephemere Dark, Hazelnut Gianduia Milk, L'Orange Dark, Coffee Liqueur Milk, Madam X White, Champagne Milk, Raspberry Dark, Ephemere Light, Napoleon Milk, Mocha Dark, Praline White, Amaretto Milk, and Ginger Dark. All of Dilettante's gourmet chocolate products are hand crafted from the highest quality ingredients to ensure the most luxurious gifts. You can connect with  Dilettante Chocolates on Facebook to find out more.

Before receiving this box of gourmet chocolate truffles, I had never heard of Dilettante Chocolates before. I'm normally not a big fan of gourmet chocolates so I was sure I wouldn't like a single one of these truffles as I usually take a bite, end up not liking it, and put the other half back in the box but this was not the case. I was very impressed and each one of these assorted truffles that I tried was absolutely amazing. There was a description inside the box of the name of each truffle and what was inside of it. The chocolate covering was amazing and the fillings were spectacular. They were so good that I just wanted to savor every single bite. Each flavor tasted just as described. This is definitely a box of chocolates that I would love to receive again and I would give them to someone special as well.

Disclosure:  I was not asked to review this product on my blog. I received it from a third party and liked it so much that I wanted to tell my readers about it. All opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. OMG!! I have been craving chocolates so much lately. I am on the alkaline diet and know I can't have them..... but those look so good.

    Great review.... you made my mouth water.