What's In A Name

It is an extremely exciting time in any household when it is announced that a new member will soon be joining the family, especially when that new family member will not only be cute and playful but also furry and have a cold, wet nose, floppy ears, and a tail and happens to be a puppy. We experienced this about 8 years ago in our household when we made the announcement to our two kids that we had finally caved into their constant begging and were going to be buying a puppy. After making the decision that the puppy we wanted was an American Bulldog, we found a local breeder who specialized in this kind of dog and we paid him a visit right away. The breeder had over a half dozen puppies to choose from and all of them were cute and playful, and all of them wanted us to take them home. After a long discussion about the pros and cons of owning a new dog and then "sleeping on it," we had made our decision and a few days later we paid the dog breeder another visit and this time we left with one of the puppies, our new puppy, a white American Bulldog with a brown spot on one of his ears and a brown patch on his back.

It did not take very long for us to realize that the hardest part about having a new puppy was not trying to teach him to not jump on us or trying to teach him to wear a collar or walk on a leash or to house train him and clean up after him in the meantime, but the hardest part about having a new puppy was agreeing on a name for him. I think all four of us had a different name in mind that we wanted to call our new puppy. We each knew he was going to grow up and be a big, strong, and powerful dog but he was also playful and gentle with the kids so we wanted him to have the perfect name. We probably called him by a half dozen different names the first couple days of having him but none of them seemed to fit just right and we could not quite seem to agree on any of them.

It was around that same time that the television show American Chopper was extremely popular in our house and we all just loved the big, strong, and powerful Paul Sr. and we loved the unique choppers that they designed and built. It was a couple of days after getting our new puppy during an episode of American Chopper when one of our kids said, "Chopper! Let's call him Chopper!" and the new puppy immediately looked over as if to say "That's it, that's my name." There was no debating the name Chopper for our new American Bulldog puppy. It was the perfect name and it officially made him a part of our family.

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  1. Ha.. Chopper, I love it. He is so cute Angie.

    I miss having animals, but it is not fair for me to have one and travel as much as we do... so for now, no animals.