How Do You Eat Your Spaghetti

I found out that today, January 4th, is National Spaghetti Day. Both young and old enjoy spaghetti and it's one of those meals that you can personalize and make your own. For instance, I like to add two slices of Kraft or Borden Cheese to my spaghetti and then top that with some Prego Sauce (Heart Smart Traditional or Italian Sausage & Garlic) and then add some garlic salt on top. I like to serve garlic bread and/or salad with my spaghetti along with a tall glass of ice cold milk. Sometimes I like to cut up some smoked sausage into pieces, cook them for a few minutes, and then add to my sauce mixture. Other times I like to make baked spaghetti in which I'll cook my spaghetti and then transfer to a oven safe dish and mix in my sauce (sometimes with sausage) and then top with any brand of shredded Italian cheese and bake.

I'd love to try spaghetti in a different way so tell me, how do you make spaghetti for your family?


  1. I just make meatballs and sauce and put it over the spaghetti. Nothing fancy

  2. I enjoy it with the combination of olive oil, garlic,parsley,capsicum and shredded cheese. Very healthy and tasty. Priya