Can I Have That Super Sized Please

I'm a plus size woman and I have been since becoming pregnant for the first time. For this reason I'd rather shop online for my clothes because it seems when I shop in stores they rarely carry anything bigger than a size large. I can find a bigger selection of clothing when shopping online. There is one thing though that bothers me about shopping for clothes online and that's the models. Stores rarely have plus size models modeling their plus size clothes. Most of the models who modeling their plus size clothing are the same models that model all of their clothing and these models never seem to be bigger than a size 6 and that might be pushing it. I want to know what a shirt or a pair of jeans is going to look like on me as I am, not what I'd like to look like. Most of my weight goes straight to the stomach area and I want to see what a shirt might look like on someone with a similar body type as mine, not someone with a flat stomach who has never had to deal with stretch marks. There have been times when I've purchased shirts because I loved the way they looked but after receiving them in the mail and trying them on realized it was very unflattering on my body type. Had I seen a plus size model wearing it I might have thought otherwise and purchased a shirt that was a better fit for me, literally. The same thing should apply to juniors clothing. Not all young girls and teens are a size 0. Maybe if they saw plus size teens modeling the clothes they liked they wouldn't feel so pressured to be a size 0 and they'd realize they are perfectly fine the way they are. Clothing companies do not even have chubby toddlers modeling their clothing. And men and boys too, you never seen a nice big boy or man modeling a company's clothes. I want to know what these companies think are so wrong with plus size people. We spend our hard earned money at their stores just like any thin, well built person would. Are they embarrassed to have a plus size model wearing their clothes and if this is the case maybe us plus size people should reconsider shopping with some of these clothing companies and shop with the ones who get get the concept that not all people look the same and embrace their plus size models and customers as well because I'm tired of feeling slighted when shopping for clothes.

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  1. You are so right!! Even for those of us who are small. They never show a model with a flat arse like I have. All the models have these cute little shapes. Nothing like what most people look like.