2012 Gemini Horoscope

I'm a Gemini so I thought I'd share this fun 2012 Gemini horoscope with all my fellow Geminis that I found on Yahoo. Click here for all the other signs and see what 2012 might have in store for you as well.

Year 2012 Overview

Another year of sweeping changes are in store, Gemini. If you thought last year was a whirlwind, hold the line. With an encore round of eclipse patterns hitting your constellation this summer, you're gearing up for the next level of transformation! Your personal image and intimate relationships will continue to change over the course of the next 12 months, so be ready for anything. If you're single, this could very well be the year you finally get hitched. If you're already betrothed, this is the year you could reclaim your singledom, buy a house or have a baby. Either way, you're moving toward the great unknown, so let go - and let the stars show you the way!

This is your year to finally regain that sense of discipline you swore you'd have at the start of last year. With Saturn moving into your sector of health and routines this year, you should be able to get a good grip on daily wellness practices. Healthy foods and consistent exercise will be key to pushing your vitality from acceptable to stellar. You'll need to be operating at maximum potential to navigate all the exciting changes just around the bend!

The other big news is that Saturn is finally leaving your romance and creativity sector in October. After many hard-earned lessons in love over the past two years, you're ready for a serious reprieve. You've certainly upgraded your standards, haven't you? Use this year to live the words that you preach in your relationships. Many people look up to you as a role model, so act accordingly. With Mars activating your domestic sector for a good portion of the year, you'll have plenty of intensity on the home front to contend with. If you're not happy with your current living quarters, this is the year to put energy into making that change.

Year 2012 Career

Neptune, the planet of inspiration, moves back into your career sector this February to work its mystical glamour for the next several years. This is a time when your dreams and visions insist on becoming tangible realities. A quality of inspiration infuses all that you manifest over the next 12 months, so consider the world your creative oyster! No longer will you work just for the sake of earning a wage; rather, your career promises to become more of a soul-calling. The only downside to this influence is that it can sometimes bring confusion or disillusionment. If this is the case, trust that it's simply a necessary sacrifice that will later bring deeper levels of fulfillment.

Mars, the planet of action, will be out of phase for the first four months of the year, putting everyone in a more introverted frame of mind rather than visualizing the future. You usually thrive on continuous movement, but this imposed pause in the action couldn't come at a better time. Use this energetic slowdown to properly integrate all your sources of inspiration and recent feedback. Your whole concept of work is in a profound process of metamorphosis right now.

Saturn, the cosmic taskmaster, enters your work sector in October, where it will take up residence for the next two-and-a-half years. This is a time to transform your daily schedule and weed out any methods that waste time. You'll begin to take your talents more seriously and realize that you deserve higher pay and, more importantly, a higher ranking. Integrity in your work style becomes the theme for the last few months of the year, ultimately setting the tone for 2013.

Year 2012 Romantic

Saturn will run its final series of tests in 2012 in your creativity and romance sectors. Hopefully you've gotten clear about where your boundaries lie, and what (and who) you need to say no to in order to remain true to your highest principles. You've learned the hard way what you will and won't tolerate in your love life, and you can now apply this wisdom to a current (or future) romance. You have until October to master those deep karmic teachings since Saturn won't return to this area of your chart for another 27-and-a-half years.

With the planet of sexual energy, Mars, revving up the base of your chart for the first half of the year, you'll have more than ample mojo to see you through. This is an unusually long time for Mars to occupy one particular sign - it's been in your fourth house since November 2011. And once you get your groove back, Mars moves into your romance sector in July to make a sweet contact to Venus while touring Gemini. 2012 is set to be your summer of love!

The planets work in perfect succession to keep you in the sunshine of your love all the way through December. Venus, the goddess of beauty and love, will grace your constellation for an extended visit between April and August. It will be retrograde between the end of May and June - right during your birthday season - so don't be surprised if ghosts from your romantic past make an appearance. And with the arrival of autumn, you'll still have many planets singing you amorous tunes. Venus will enter your romance sector at the end of October to continue the theme of love, beauty and pleasure. To sum up this delightful conglomeration of love transits during the second half of the year: You'll go from high-energy to pronounced libido to romance to creativity to sexuality to love to commitment (or break-up) and back - all within the span of six months!

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  1. So it sounds like you might have some good things coming your way.... Here comes the bride, here comes the bride.... LOL...

    I went over and checked mine but it is not as exciting as yours.