Made in Washington Hand Blown Glass Ornament Review

About Made In Washington Stores 
The first Made in Washington store was opened in 1984 by Gillian and Jack Mathews in Seattle, Washington. That store brought an entirely new concept to the area with a wide variety of quality products, all made in Washington state by local artists, crafts people and small businesses. Today, Made In Washington has five stores and remains thoroughly dedicated to the ideals of that first store, offering a wide variety of quality products which celebrate the very best of Washington state. Made is Washington's mission is to be the primary destination, of locals and visitors alike, for gifts which celebrate the best of Washington state, foods, art, and lifestyle.

At Made in Washington stores, you'll find many items, such as jewelry, wines, gourmet food, artisan chocolates, smoked wild salmon, artisan gift baskets, pet treats, books, cards, calendars, speciality coffee, tea, and cocoa, hand blown glass ornaments, and hand blown and fused glass art, as well as various other gift items. For a full list of items in more detail, you can visit Made in Washington on the web at or you can request a catalog. You can also connect with Made in Washington on Facebook and Twitter to find out more.

About Hand Blown Glass Ornaments
Seattle's prominence as a glass art center began in 1971, when glass artist Dale Chihuly co-founded the Pilchuck Glass School in Stanwood, Washington. Today, Seattle is the epicenter of glass blowing in the United States, and even has more glass shops than the famed island of Murano, Italy.The process of glass blowing involves inflating molten glass into a bubble with the aid of a blowpipe as a key part of the piece's creation. Three furnaces are used, and all of the work is done in a 'hot shop' - most often having the blown glass pieces created by a team of artisans. These hand blown glass ornaments are a celebration of this technique for which the Seattle area is known, and are among one of their most popular gifts.

My Review
Made in Washington sent me a Hand Blown Holiday Swirl Glass Ornament from Glass Eye Studio free in order to do this review. Each Glass Eye Studio blown glass ornament is an individual work of art, handmade by artisans skillfully working molten glass into festive keepsakes. All Glass Eye ornaments include ash from the eruption of Mount St. Helens in 1980, which I found to be very fascinating. This ornament measures approximately 3" round and it arrived safely tucked inside a beautiful Green Velvet Keepsake Box. On first taking it out of the box, I was astounded at how beautiful this ornament was. The colors and the patterns make this truly unique. It looks even more beautiful when held up to the light. It's made of a thicker glass so I can touch it or hold it without fear of breaking it. The best part about this ornament is that it is unique and I'm the only person to have one exactly like it. This is my first hand blown glass ornament and it's something that I could find myself collecting because they are truly beautiful and each one is a one of a kind piece. You can see all the hard work that goes into making these ornaments and these artisans have an exceptional skill. And if I purchase hand blown glass ornaments from Made in Washington, I can rest assured that my ornament will arrive safely and it will have its very own keepsake box for easy storage and to keep it safe when not being displayed.


  1. wow that is a beautiful ornament. I'm glad you said it was made of a thicker glass. I worry about having something too fragile around with my 3 boys. This looks like one that will be around for quite a few years.

  2. I love that ornament. So pretty.

    Okay, I am as bad as everyone else about commenting.... but, I just put you on my blog roll so every time you post something new. I will come over and comment. you are right about it being important.