Pink Moment Review

What is Pink Moment
Pink Moment was started by cousins who grew up in the small town of Ojai, California where they experience the "Pink Moment", which occurs at sunset when the fading sunlight creates a vibrant shade of pink over the Topa Topa Bluffs for several minutes. Ojai is one of the few towns in the world to have a Pink Moment. To the cousins, Pink Moment means taking the time to stop, reconnect with themselves and nature, and enjoy the beauty that mother nature brings. What's your Pink Moment?

Pink Moment's Mission
At Pink Moment, they are dedicated to finding products that are good for you and our environment. They believe what goes in your body is just as important as what goes on your body. They are also big believers in recycling. The boxes they use to ship their gift bags are made out of recycled material and the bags they use for their gift bags are eco-friendly and reusable. Depending on the type of bag you receive, they are great for a small shopping trip, produce bag, a lunch bag, a travel bag, a gift bag, or anything you can imagine.
Why Join
Joining Pink Moment is a fun and inexpensive way to try natural and organic products before you buy. You will receive an eco-friendly bag filled with several eco-friendly samples and sometimes coupons. These samples can vary from beauty products to food products, and everything in between. They are delivered to your door once a month, depending on the membership you choose. You will not receive the same samples or eco-friendly bag twice. At Pink Moment, they want to make sure what you receive is something new and exciting each time. Buy a membership for yourself or buy one for a friend as it would make a great "green" gift.
2 Month Trial Membership @ $9.00 per month (for a limited time)
3 months @ $14.00 per month
6 months @ $13.00 per month
12 months @ $12.00 per month

Free Shipping
As an added bonus, one lucky member will receive a special gift each month.

How to Sign Up and Connect
You can join Pink Moment at or you can connect on Facebook or Twitter

My Review
In my bag I received 8 samples and a coupon for one of the samples I received along with a few brochures describing some of the products in more detail. I received a variety of different products and included in the bag were samples for a roll-on deodorant from Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal, an Olive & Avocado Deep Conditioning Masque For Hair from Earth Science, an All Purpose Cleaner in Lemon Fragrance from Ecover, a Pomegranate Blueberry Total Omega Swirl from Barlean's, Calms Forte Sleep Aid from Hylands, Method Laundry Detergent from Method, a Moist Stik Natural Lip Protection from Real Natural Products, and a Lemon Vanilla Gree Tea from Teamotions. I also received $0.75 off coupon for an Ecover Household Cleaner.

I really like the deodorant. It's easy to roll on and does a great job. I have very sensitive skin and it didn't irritate my skin or cause any reaction whatsoever. The all purpose cleaner did an excellent job at cleaning my kitchen and bathroom floors and I loved the fresh, clean lemon scent, which was not too strong but just right. The Moist Stik worked really well and left my lips feeling soft and moisturized for hours. I love the peppermint scent. The Method Laundry Detergent had a great smell when added to my washing machine. The hair masque did a great job at moisturizing my hair and did not make it appear greasy afterwards. I'm not a tea drinker so I wouldn't enjoy the tea and I have no problem whatsoever sleeping so I don't need the sleep aid. The best part about the products I received was that they were all natural, hypoallergenic, free of irritants, biodegradable, non-toxic, plant-based and/or healthy for me and the environment.

For the price, I wouldn't mind getting a few more samples and/or coupons in the bag but that's just the frugalness and bargain shopper coming out in me but otherwise it's not that bad of a deal. I definitely recommend you become a member of Pink Moment as I'm sure throughout your membership you'll receive lots of samples of products you'll absolutely love and want to continue purchasing. I'm also sure there will be times you'll receive products that you won't use but I'm sure you'll know someone in your life who can so it's a win-win situation with Pink Moment.

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  1. nice, i've heard of kits like this for other type of products but not for natural and organic products before. Thanks for the review.