Pfister Faucet Elevate EXT Review

About Pfister
Price Pfister was founded by Emil Price and William Pfister in 1910 and produced the garden faucet as its first pluming product and in 1920 expanded its product line to include a variety of plumbing fixtures such as bathroom and kitchen faucets, valves, and hose nozzles. In the 1940s, in an effort to support WWII, Price Pfister produced aircraft fittings and hand grenade shells and employed many women who had entered the workforce. By the 1950s, Price Pfister had became a household name. For nearly a decade now, Pfister has been a leader in the plumbing field, offering a wide variety of innovative, first to market plumbing fixtures and many additional products that have helped define the industry, including the Crown Jewel line, the Flow-Matic shower handle, stylish translucent colored handles and special finishes such as bronze, the "Pfabulous Pfaucet with the Pfunny Name" TV advertising campaign, affordable pull-out faucets, ceramic cartridge technology, scratch resistant Pforever Pfinish, Pfilter Pfaucet, and were the first major manufacturer to offer a lifetime warranty, guaranteeing finish and function for life. Pfister is ready to launch into another centennial offering quality plumbing fixtures, superior designs, and breakthrough innovations. To learn more about Pfister, you can check them out on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. You can also sign up for their newsletter to help you stay informed about new products and giveaways and tips and ideas to help you with home improvement and design projects.

About The Elevate EXT
The Elevate EXT kitchen faucet gives you the freedom to customize the height of your kitchen faucet. The unique, innovative adjustable spout puts the control in your hands, allowing you to change the style whenever you desire and set it to the desired height to meet all of your kitchen needs quickly and easily. There is an ergonomic pull out sprayer for efficient rinsing, cleaning, and filling functionality. It swivels 360 degrees for maximum maneuverability and positioning. The versatile design works with both contemporary and traditional kitchens. You can purchase the Elevate EXT at Lowe's and Home Depot.

My Review
The Elevate EXT faucet was pretty simple and easy to install (for my boyfriend of course). It's a great addition to our kitchen and makes doing dishes a little bit more fun and definitely easier. It has both a vintage yet modern look to it and it looks so much better in our kitchen than our old Plain Jane faucet did. So no matter what changes I make to my kitchen in the future such as redecorating, putting down new flooring, redoing the counter tops, or painting the walls, the Elevate EXT will blend right in. I love all the features that the Elevate EXT offers. It's getting colder outside and when it's cold out we love to make vegetable soup (in a very big pot) and because of the elevate feature the Elevate EXT offers, I'll be able to wash it so much easier than I could when using my old faucet. Since having the Elevate EXT, I haven't had a problem washing any pot, pan, or dish due to my faucet being in the way. It's very easy to elevate to the desired height and then take it back down. I also love that I can change how the water comes whether or not I have the sprayer connected or pulled out because sometimes depending on whether I'm washing dishes, cleaning the sink, or filling up a container, a spray is more convenient and sometimes a stream works better. It's very easy to use the pull out sprayer, pulling out and then going back into place easily. My 11-year-old son has washed dishes several times since having the Elevate EXT and he can also operate it with no problem whatsoever. I'm pretty much in charge when using the Elevate EXT and who doesn't love having things their way. I think this would make a great addition to anyone's kitchen because it not only looks great but it's practical and you'd be glad you installed if after the first day of using it.

**I was approached by Pfister and provided the Elevate EXT faucet for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.**

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