ALL-ETT Wallet Review

ALL-ETT Billfolds is a family owned and operated company that was started in 1995 and has continued to grow through a word of mouth, grass-roots type of marketing. ALL-ETT Billfolds is committed to bringing jobs and prosperity back to the United States by manufacturing their products right here in the U.S.A. By doing this, they are not only doing their part by providing good jobs to Americans but they know that they are able to provide a superior quality product. Their wallets are made in smaller batches which allows them to keep a close eye on the work that is being done, as well as to react to their customers needs. Companies that manufacture in the U.S.A. are held to higher standards when it comes to their hiring practices, treatment of employees, and their impact on the environment. At ALL-ETT Billfolds, they believe that it is important for businesses to be socially and environmentally responsible. As a company they have taken many steps toward making the way they do business better for the environment by running their facilities on solar power, carpooling to work, recycling in their offices, using packaging that is made with recycles paper and soy based inks, and offering a line of recycled products. All of the ALL-ETT Billfold brand wallets are thin and made with strong, superior quality materials. They are long lasting and require less material for construction which results in a more sustainable product producing less waste than the average wallet. ALL-ETT's thin wallets help diminish back pain caused by sitting on a thick wallet. Just think about how much energy is used in providing health care to individuals with back problems related to back pocket sciatica. This is a low-cost, "manual" preventative/fix that helps avoid doctor visits, clinical tests and surgeries. To find out more about ALL-ETT, you can visit the Wallet Blog or you can connect with them on Twitter and/or Facebook, as well as YouTube.

My Review
I received the Women's Original nylon wallet in plum. It's features include a snap closure and two bill/receipt compartments, an exterior zip closure coin pocket, and room for up to 24 credit cards. This wallet is also available in leather and comes in many different colors. When I first received this wallet my first impression was that there was no way this wallet was going to hold everything I needed it to because as you can tell by the picture to the left this wallet is not even as thick as my check book. I was wrong however because this wallet can hold my money (bills and change), 9 credit/debit cards, my driver's license, car and health insurance cards, bank account and social security cards, two birth certificates, as well as a few other miscellaneous cards and receipts. This is a very thin wallet (about half the thickness of my previous wallet) but it seems to be very durable.

I also received a man's nylon Original Wallet in black. It's features include patented side by side pockets to keep this wallet thin even when full and room for up to 30 cards with two pockets for cash and receipts. This too also comes in leather, as well as recycled, and in several different colors. The man's Original Wallet is very similar to the Women's Original wallet besides the snap closure and exterior zip closure coin pocket. I think any man who has ever experienced pain or discomfort due to back pocket sciatica would really appreciate this wallet.

Overall I absolutely loved the wallets I received from ALL-ETT. I think these would also be great with designs on them such as animal print, camouflage, sports team logos, etc. to appeal to everyone.

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