Remembering 9/11 10 Years Later

Ten years ago today the world as we knew it changed. American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175 were both hijacked and crashed into the World Trade Center killing all 157 passengers and crew on board the planes, including 10 hijackers, as well as 2,606 people who were in the towers and on the ground. More than 90 countries lost citizens in the attacks on the World Trade Center that day.

American Airlines Flight 77 was hijacked and crashed into the Pentagon killing all 64 passengers and crew on board, including 5 hijackers, as well as 125 people on the ground, including 55 military personnel.

United Airlines Flight 93 was hijacked that day as well. It is believed that Flight 93 was on its way to the White House or the United States Capitol in Washington, D.C. but some brave souls on board tried to regain control of the plane and stopped this from happening but not before crashing into a field in Stonycreek Township, Pennsylvania killing all 44 passengers and crew on board, including 4 hijackers. If it weren't for these brave people who tried to regain control of the plane, it's possible that more lives could have been lost that day and the world changed even more and for this I am grateful.

I'll always remember exactly where I was and what I was doing the moment I heard about these attacks. I was a senior in high school on my way to history class. After making it to class, we all sat in disbelief in the dimly lit room watching footage of the events on the TV. We were mostly quiet except for a few sobs. I didn't know anyone directly effected by this tragedy but as a nation, we were all effected in some way, and are still living with the aftermath and probably always will. My son was 21 months old at the time so he doesn't remember this day but I talk to him about it often because it's a part of history, it's an event that changed history even, and I want him to know about it.

I'd like for all of my readers to take a second today and remember all the victims and their loved ones and maybe even say a little prayer for them. Do you remember what you were doing when you heard about what had happened? Did you lose a loved one that day?


  1. I was young when it happened but I still remember the day. I was in 6th grade. The teacher never said anything during class or maybe he just hadn't heard about it yet. When my sister came home she mentioned what happenned. From the way my parents talked I knew this was really serious. The next few days in class were spent talking about about what happened. The news didn't interest me back then so I don't remember seeing footage or photos of that day but I remember being scared of what would happen next.

  2. I remeber that day well and am sure I'll never forget it. I didn't hear about the events taking place until I arrived at work. We didn't get much work accomplished because our focus was on the horrible scenes of this event as it was being televised. I still have a hard time thinking or talking about what happened. The post is a lovely tribute to those who lost their lives that day and to the people who mourn them.