Good Health Natural Foods Veggie Stix Review

Based in Greensboro, NC, Good Health® Natural Products, Inc. (GHNP) is a leading innovator in the natural and organic markets producing healthy snacks such as Olive and Avocado Oil Potato Chips, Veggie Stix® and HUMBLES™. Good Health® Natural Products has developed a reputation for healthy living and creativity that has always resulted in products that are beyond ordinary. The company began with Veggie Stix® pioneering the veggie snack category of consumer foods. Good Health® Natural Products have been recognized on shows such as “Oprah” and “Rachel Ray”, as well as “Eat This Not That,” a book published by the editor of Men’s Health Magazine. Not only taking pride in being the first in bringing new and exciting products to the market, Good Health® Natural Products delights in providing the consumer with a variety of healthy snack foods that has less fat than their conventional counterparts. The Veggie Stix® along with many other Good Health® Natural Products snacks has 45% less fat than conventional potato chips. The company is constantly traveling and researching all over the world to develop new processing technologies to bring the consumer the most innovative snack that is not just tasty but good for the body as well. Good Health® Natural Products is a company made up of people who are passionate about delivering great products to consumers who want to live healthier lives.

The standards Good Health Natural Foods, Inc. lives by are:
  • Community:  They support local charities involved in the distribution of food to families in need.
  • Health:  They strive to empower customers to make healthier choices and live fuller, healthier lives. They are committed to enabling more people to eat more natural foods by excluding GMO-derived ingredients, etc, etc.
  • Innovation:  They are engaged in continual research aimed at replacing synthetic ingredients with wholesome, natural ones.
  • Sustainability:  They are constantly developing new forms of recyclable packaging to decrease their impact on the natural environment, as well as partnering with suppliers and printers who offer environmentally-sensitive inks & materials. By maintaining both East & West Coast divisions, they've increased their distribution efficiency and significantly reduced their carbon footprint.
At this current time, Good Health® Natural Products can be purchased on To find out more about their products, you can connect with them on their blog and on Facebook and Twitter as well.
I've tried many Good Health® Natural Products and one of my favorites are the Veggie Stix®. The Veggie Stix® make a great, healthy snack any time of the day and my kids love them too. They are smooth textured and crunchy and have a great veggie flavor to them with just a hint of salt. I like to grab a handful to snack on in the afternoon or evening. They don't leave behind a bad aftertaste or a filmy coating in my mouth. My family and I can easily enjoy them by the handful and that's okay because they contain 50% less fat that regular potato chips.

I would strongly recommend you giving Veggie Stix® a try or any of the many other Good Health® Natural Products as they are not only healthy for you but taste delicious. I'm very excited to introduce Veggie Stix® to my friends and coworkers at the office because I know they'll love them as well. I'm really disappointed that I can't pick these up at the grocery store but I do love shopping on Amazon so I'm sure I'll be keeping these stocked up in the pantry.

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  1. That's something I need to focus on. I won employee of the month so I eat free every day and I know I'm not going to stick to salads. Those look delish!