I Finally Finished Lost

I know that the television series Lost, which aired on ABC, has been over for approximately 15 months now but I just watched the final episode last night. For some reason or another, I never did watch the series when it was on television. When the final season was wrapping up, the hype was unbelievable. People were hosting parties for the final episode and then when it aired some people seemed to be satisfied while others were very disappointed. I decided to try not to read any of the reviews or spoilers because I wanted to watch the series for myself so I bought the first season on DVD. Now, me and my boyfriend love a lot of the same movies but we don't agree so much on the TV shows we watch together. A lot of the shows that I love, he hates so I wasn't sure we'd be able to watch Lost together but I was wrong. We both really liked it and were into it from the first episode so I bought the entire series, season by season. We watched a few episodes here and there when we could. My 11-year-old son even really loved it and watched most of the episodes with us. His favorite character was Hurley/Hugo. In addition to buying my son a Lost poster for his room, I won six more in a Twitter contest so his room is filled with them.

I wasn't totally disappointed in the ending but I'm still left in the dark to some point with a lot of questions still. I really liked seeing most of the characters come back for the final episode though there are others who I would have liked to have seen. Overall though it was a great series and just when you thought you had it all figured out, you didn't, and that's one thing I liked about it. It wasn't the type of show where everything that happened was predictable. I'm glad I decided to buy this series on DVD and I'd recommend anybody who didn't get the chance to watch it when it aired to do the same.

If you were a fan of Lost what did you think about the series....the finale?


  1. I love the show but at the end I had so much questions that I really didn't know what to think :)

  2. I also have the series on DVD and have to say that although I really loved the show I wasn't entirely happy with the way it ended.