Your Best Face (YBF) Skincare Review

About Your Best Face Skincare
Your Best Face (YBF) Skincare was founded by good friends Darrell Owens and Kimberley Fristed who met nearly two decades ago while working for the same Fortune 100 company in Minneapolis. They viewed business in similar ways and dreamed of one day creating their own brand together. At one point, Darrell began creating skincare for a friend who was getting married and he started to view skincare as the business he and Kimberley could pursue together. It was in 2004 that the business of starting a business began. Trial and error of formulations ensued over 18 months. They made the leap from working with ingredients costing tens of dollars to those costing thousands. They threw out batch after batch until their formulas became something they knew their future customers would love. By the summer of 2006, they had their first four products and they went to press with their first labels and later that year they celebrated the holiday season with the addition of the launch of their website. Lisa LaPrade was the first to review their products in March 2007 and a few months later in May, Patti at The Skin Care Shop believed enough in their products to be the first to put YBF on her shelves and follow with selling YBF online shortly after that. Currently, YBF has 13 core consumer products, special seasonal products and a pro-series and has more in the works for 2011. YBF is a journey for Darrell and Kimberley to produce products that not only feel great but also protect and benefit the skin in ways other products just can't.

YBF Skincare products range in price from $15 to $160 and are formulated for both men and women. You can buy YBF Skincare products at The Skin Care Shop, Truth in Aging, and The MakeUp Bar. And during the month of July, to celebrate 4 years of business with their premiere retailer, you'll receive a free Correct eye cream gift box ($70 value) with any purchase of $200 or more in YBF products at The Skin Care Shop store or web site. To find out more about YBF Skincare products, you can visit their site or connect with them on Twitter and/or Facebook as they are highly engaged with their fans.

My Review
I received several sample YBF Skincare products for review, including Quench and Define for the lips, Correct for the eyes, and Control, Restore, and Defend for the face.

I absolutely love Quench. It goes on easily just like a chap stick, only is feels much, much better on my lips. It makes my lips feel soft and moisturized and the feeling lasts for hours, even through eating and drinking. It never hardens to clumps up on my lips and does not feel greasy. Define is similar to Quench but is a cream for the lips and gives my lips an even softer, somewhat silky, feeling that lasts for hours also, even through eating and drinking as well. Define also does not harden up or clump and does not feel greasy on my lips. Both the Quench and the Define contain peppermint oil so they have a very pleasant peppermint scent that is not overpowering.

The Correct eye cream goes on very easily and feels really great under my eyes. It does not harden or clump and does not feel heavy, sticky or greasy when applied to the skin. I barely notice I have it on. I have extremely sensitive skin and it does not irritate my skin in any way.

Restore, Control, and Defend for the face all made my skin feel great, giving it a very soft, smooth, hydrated, clean, and refreshed feeling. They are easy to apply, dry quickly, and do not feel heavy or sticky on my skin. Neither cream irritated my extremely sensitive skin.

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  1. I think I need some Restore and Defend for my face.

    Did you say Peppermint? Mmmmm I love the smell of peppermint.

    I went over and followed them on twitter...if they don't follow back... I will axe them. LOL... don't you hate it when a company thinks they are to good to follow the people who support them?