Neighborhoodies Hoodie Review

About Neighborhoodies
Neighborhoodies is a small company run by a bunch of fun loving "kids" who have no business running a business. They made their first hoodie less than 5 years ago and within what seemed like minutes they'd made a splash in New York and subsequently found love in other cities across the country. The attention of folks like NBC, CNN and NPR didn't hurt much either and the next thing you know they were packing up their stuff and moving out of their basement apartment and setting up a real-life office in Brooklyn. Now they've got 60 full timers, a giant bean bag chair, and a dart board. You can check out each of their individual profiles here to find out more about them.

Neighborhoodies sells customizable hoodies but in addition to hoodies they also sell customizable tees, boxers, sports jerseys, pants, undies, dresses, shorts, bibs, and accessories, including hats, belts, and bags for men, women, and children. They even sell a little something for your dog. If customization isn't your thing though, you can always buy it blank or buy something from their Readymades section, which includes hundreds of hilarious tees and hoodies to fit anyone's personality, always in your choice of color, most of which are only $19.99 and $24.99, including one of my faves, "Nobody puts Swayze in a corner."

You can connect with Neighborhoodies on their blog, as well as on Twitter and Facebook to find out more about them and the products they carry.

My Review
I received a customized Young One Hoodie for "big kids" for my 11-year-old son C. With all the colors and cool graphics available, I was able to customize his hoodie to match his school colors of black and orange and their pirate theme. I customized it to say "PIRATES" on the front in the Hell's Bells font. I then found a very cool skull and crossbones graphic. I was able to choose the layout and choose where I wanted the text and graphic placed on the hoodie, as well as the size. I really enjoyed looking through all the graphics and fonts and all the other extras available. It's easy with everything available to customize a shirt to fit anyone's personality and individual style.

This hoodie fit my son perfectly. It's very well made with no loose stitches or imperfections, which is very important to me because that means when my son outgrows this hoodie, it can be passed down to another child for them to enjoy as well. The lettering and graphic show no signs of coming loose. It's also very soft and comfortable on the inside, which is important to my son because he likes his shirts to be extra cozy and comfy and since he has eczema, the softer the shirt is the better it feels to his skin. He'll be able to go back to school this fall with a hoodie that represents his school and is as unique as he is.

Start you kids back to school with a new customized hoodie from Neighborhoodies and neither you nor they will be disappointed.

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