My Sons Individual Sense of Style

I remember I started developing my own individual sense of style when I first started middle school in the 6th grade. I discovered makeup and I loved shopping for new clothes and accessories - all the time! This is when I first discovered my favorite jeans, which were boot cut with lots of zippers, buttons, and pockets. I loved wearing cute and colorful buttons on my shirts with cute pictures and sayings and I loved to be unique and wear jewelry and accessories that no one else was wearing.

When my son goes back to school this August, he'll be going into 6th grade and we'll be doing shopping for new school clothes very soon. He has his own individual sense of style and it's nothing like mine when I was his age. I was very picky about what I wore and how I looked. My hair and makeup had to be done a certain way and my clothes had to fit just right and what I liked usually wasn't very cheap at all. However, and lucky for me, my son is a very easy child to buy clothes for. His style is very simple. He hates combing his hair and he'd rather wear jeans and T-shirts than anything else. Although he really doesn't mind if his shirts are plain, striped, or have a picture on them, he does seem to favor shirts featuring things he loves, like The Beatles, UFC, wrestling, and sports, all of which we can find at JCPenney. He's dressed up when he has on clean jeans and a shirt with a collar. We purchased a pair of Fila® Allona Men's Running Shoes for back to school from JCPenney last week and we got a great deal on them. They are a simple black and white design and fits his style perfectly.

My son is a bargain shopper and doesn't like to spend too much on clothes and shoes so JCPenney is usually our go to place and if we can't find it in the store we can usually find it online. They always offer coupon codes via email so I always save a little extra each time I shop there. I can't wait to take my son school shopping and see how much we can save! I thank my lucky stars everyday for my sons simple, individual sense of style.

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  1. That definitely is an advantage to boys. They tend to be less fashion particular. My own 7th grader just prefers no stripes or collars but would wear them if he had to.