Kids and Sports

My son C. is 11-1/2 years old and he loves sports, whether it's watching them on TV, playing on a team, or just messing around in the yard with his friends. He has played baseball since he was 5 years old and last fall he played football for the first time. In my opinion he's been good at both. He's never been a star player but he's had moments where he's really shined or maybe that's just his mommy talking. Baseball season starts around mid to late April and ends in June and all-stars begins immediately after the regular season and lasts until August (sometimes mid to late in August depending on how well the team does), right around the time school starts up again. Football (for his age group) usually starts around late August to early September and ends around the beginning of November.

The baseball practices usually aren't too bad. They'll practice a few times a week for a couple of hours each until the games start and then after that (since they have two games a week for his age group) they might have one practice a week. If a boy makes all-stars, which my son never has, they'll practice twice a day almost every day of the week in addition to several games during the week and weekend, taking up most of their summer vacation and a lot of the parents time. Football practices for boys his age are usually three times a week and last anywhere from 2-3 hours with just one game on the weekend. Each and every boy practices very hard but never complain and are usually dirty or muddy from head to toe and dripping with sweat when they're done.

He's mentioned playing basketball several times and I've told him no as I think these two sports is a sufficient amount of sports for him to play and take up enough of his time and mine throughout the year. I'm the one who has to pay for him to play these sports (and sometimes help him sale the candy bars that they are required to sale in order to play) and buy everything he needs to play them and me or his dad with the occasional help of my parents are the ones who have to drive him to every practice and either pick him up when he's done or stay there and watch the entire time. We both have jobs (I have two) so this gets tricky sometimes working around our own schedules. He's never let these two sports get in the way of working hard in school though and making good grades but I think if he was involved in any more sports that this wouldn't be the case. Some of the other boys his age play every sport that is available to them and I don't see how they, or their parents, do this, especially if they have several kids close in age all playing sports. There is a set of triplets at his school and all three of the kids are involved heavily in sports but there's hardly a time when both parents can be at the same child's game at the same time. There's usually one parent with the two boys and the other parent with the girl. I definitely don't see how they handle this.

I know every kid is different though and some can handle multiple sports and still keep good grades in school and participate in school related activities but in my opinion I think my son is at his limit. He plays baseball and football and still has time to get his homework done every night and still participate in the extra things at school such as the spelling bee, science fair, school plays, etc. without a problem. He also gets to enjoy the biggest part of his summer vacation without having to deal with practices and/or games unlike a lot of kids his age involved in summer sports. Do your kids play sports and which ones? Have you ever felt like enough was enough and had to tell your kid they couldn't play a sport? How do you handle the practices, games, cost, etc.?

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  1. I don't envy you!! I remember having to always be on the go myself.. picking my daughter up from Cheer leading practice, track...etc..

    I was forever waiting in the car for her.