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About Dynasty Jerky
Dynasty Jerky is home of the yum...yum jerky. At Dynasty Jerky, they believe in differentiating themselves above the rest and producing quality jerky with no exceptions. Dynasty Jerky is the ruler of other brands in many aspects; such as savory flavors, perfect texture, unexceptional quality meat, natural ingredients and lowest price, putting their jerky above the other brands making them the king of all jerky’s. Dynasty Jerky never cuts corners to try to save cost like most brands of beef jerky. The first thing you’ll notice when you open a bag of Dynasty Jerky is the fresh aroma flavor of all the spices and seasoning and when you bite into it you will also notice that the meaty texture is just right and not too moist or dry. You won’t find any bits or streaks of fat and you will not encounter any gristle, tendon, or stringiness. Their jerky contains nothing unchewable and they don’t use any filler in their jerky. All of their jerky is hand sliced 100% premium choice seasoned and marinated to perfection. They use the perfect combination of the finest natural ingredients such as soy sauce, crushed black pepper and a splash of pineapple juice for the perfect batch and they never use MSG. You will find yourself savoring every bite until the entire bag is empty.

Dynasty Jerky offers beef, elk, venison, and buffalo jerky in many different flavors, including teriyaki which is their number one selling flavor of beef jerky. Your taste buds will immediately notice the sweet and tangy combination of flavors. Unlike most brands that only use basic ingredients along with teriyaki sauce, Dynasty Jerky combines just the right amount of pineapple juice, soy sauce and seasoning spices to create this wonderful flavor. Because Dynasty Jerky is so confident that once you try their delicious jerky you'll love it and come back for more, they're offering you a FREE sample with FREE shipping when you register. You can sign up for Dynasty Jerky's newsletter or you can connect with them on Twitter and/or Facebook to find out more.

I didn't really know that jerky was good for you (and I'm glad it is because I could eat an entire bag in one setting) until I check out their site and found six healthy reasons to eat jerky beside satisfying your taste buds so I thought I'd share those reasons with you as well.

Six Healthy Reasons to Eat Jerky Beside Satisfying Your Taste Buds

1. Quit smoking. One common problem for those looking to quit smoking is what to do with their hands and their mouths. Many frequently gain weight because they eat to solve this problem. Doctors have recommended jerky to munch on while trying to quit smoking for many reasons. It's a health snack. It's packed with protein that helps to appease your hunger and gives your body an energy boost. Also, its' chewy texture keeps your mouth occupied for a but longer that those potato chips you've been munching on. So, if you're looking for some help on quitting smoking, check out Dynasty Jerky with a wide variety of flavors that appeal to you!

2. Lose weight as part of a low carbohydrate or Atkin's diet. Since jerky is such a major contributor of protein in your diet, with so few carbohydrates, experts have been recommending jerky as an excellent snack. Why not have a jerky that tastes good too? That's why when Dynasty Jerky makes jerky, we pay special attention to our seasoning, marinating and cooking process - so you get a product your taste buds will savor, as well as fit into your diet! Get started now by checking out our store today to select the flavor that makes your mouth water. Make sure you keep that New Year's resolution by ordering a Bundle! We can keep it coming as long as you want, freshly made, flavorful, and healthy delivered to your door.

3. Incorporate the Gastric Bypass Diet as part of your life. Are you or have you had a Gastric Bypass procedure done and wondering what to eat? Following surgery, fried salty snacks such as potato chips, Cheetos, Doritos, are absolutely forbidden, but jerky is an option. Dynasty Jerky has the answer. With so many jerky flavors available, you won't miss those unhealthy fatty snacks. If you're looking for a salty snack, try jerky! Go to our store and select some of our healthy treats!

4. Reduce stress in your life. Do you have a lot of stress in your life? Or know someone who does? Maybe you are lacking protein! Protein accelerates your brain's natural production of norepinephrine and dopamine, chemicals that help keep you focused and alert so you can think through any situation.With that in mind, how can you not afford to check out our dynasty jerky online shop and pick out the flavors that most appeal to you?

5. Nibble while enjoying your favorite outdoor activity. Jerky is the perfect and convenient snack to bring along with you backpacking, hiking, fishing, skiing - well anything! On your next purchase, make sure you tell us where you like to enjoy your jerky! Check out our latest specials too at Dynasty Jerky online shop.

6. Eat something yummy that's good for you. Of course we could tell you just how tasty Dynasty Jerky is, but just in case you want a second, third, fourth, etc. opinion, check out what our customers say about our jerky! Not only is our jerky yummy, it is good for you too. Always made fresh with your order with no preservative preservatives added, Dynasty Jerky special seasoning, marinating process means you get the best jerky for your dollar.

My Review
I received a 4 ounce bag of teriyaki beef jerky from Dynasty Jerky for review. The jerky was very tightly sealed and the very first thing I noticed when I opened the bag was the sweet aroma of all the ingredients used to make this beef jerky. I shared this with my kids and it was very easy for me to tear them pieces off to try. They each loved it, especially my son who actually made a very satisfied noise after his first bite. I thought it had a really great, sweet teriyaki flavor. It had a great zing to it compared to other well known brands of teriyaki flavored beef jerky. It was really, really moist and relatively easy to chew and swallow. There were no tough pieces that were harder to chew or swallow and there definitely was not fat or stringy pieces. Beef jerky tends to be a bit expensive in my opinion but the price of the jerky from Dynasty Jerky is reasonable when compared to other brands and you get free shipping so you can't go wrong, especially since it's such a healthy snack, and if you order 24 bags or more (and you'll want to) you can get each bag for an even cheaper price.

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